Look who is Pandal hopping this Durga Puja

Senior-friendly Puja Parikrama

Here in Kolkata, people start the countdown for Durga Puja right from the day Maa leaves, rest you can imagine the craze. The whole city gets decked up. This festival imprints its joys on everyone, and every face has a smile on its lips. From kids to the ones who have stepped into their second childhood, everyone seems to be equally happy.

TriBeCa Care has been arranging senior-friendly PUJA PARIKRAMA since the past 3 years, imparting joys to the tender hearts of the ones who have crossed some 60 winters of their lives or more.
Following the trend of spreading happiness among the elderly, TriBeCa Care arranged senior-friendly Puja Parikrama 2019.

Close to 100 senior citizens actively took part in this Parikrama. Activities were planned for 3 days starting from MAHASAPTAMI (5th October 2019) till MAHANAVAMI (7th October 2019). Most of the participants were accompanied by their care managers, who not only assisted them but also made sure that all the seniors participating in the Puja Parikrama boarded the buses without any hassle. The care managers looked after the seniors so that the Parikrama turns out to be a fun yet comfortable outing for the elderly members.

The itinerary was chalked out keeping the comfort and safety of the participants as the topmost priority. They covered almost all of the prominent Rajbari Pujas, which were celebrated across the city of Kolkata.

To add fun to the Puja Parikrama, some click photo contest and cultural programmes were also organized. The whole Parikrama was filmed and to freeze those wonderful moments the elderly members were provided with beautifully captured photographs, which deserved to be cherished.

There were care managers at the banquets where the lunch had been served. Some of the care managers accompanied the participants. The dietary requirements of the participants were also taken care of, as a result of which they were provided with eatables on a timely basis(snacks, pre-lunch, lunch etc). There was a choice of spread given at the lunch table (Indian or Chinese). To escape the bizarre crowd and the discomfort to eat at roadside eateries, TriBeCa Care had arranged the lunch at A.C. restaurants for all the three days.

To make the transport hassle-free, several buses were running on different routes (both the routes and the time by which the buses will reach the pick-up points were pre-informed ). Right from the commencement of the Parikrama till it was ensured that every single member had reached their homes safely, care managers were diligently fulfilling their roles.

Durga Puja brings in joy for one and all and TriBeCa Care makes sure that the wrinkled hands and the trembling footsteps and are not left behind.

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