Managing The Holiday Blues in Elderlies

managing elder parents during pujo

Durga Puja (or Dusshera) is the most important and most eventful occasion of the year, especially in this part of the country. It is the time of togetherness and happiness. However, if you’re hung up on work abroad and cannot visit your parents at home, it could be really disheartening.

The separation alone can cause much uneasiness and discomfort in this festive season, according to many experts from different elder care facilities in Kolkata. There are other contributing factors too, such as:

Their immobility:-
With time, chronic illnesses like joint aches, arthritis and spondylosis imprint their permanent effects on the physique. This reduces mobility greatly, often making it impossible to move without external aid. This reduces the festive joy greatly. There are, however, very efficient elderly home care options to take care of this.

Their memories:-
Durga Puja is a very emotional topic amongst the Bengalis and it brings about many memories. Sometimes, elderly people get carried away by the memories of their past days. The elderly care at home can help to console them during this period.

Living in an old age home or an assisted living facility:-
Staying at home, surrounded by loved ones is almost synonymous with any festival. Therefore, being forced to stay away from their home and loved ones is almost like torture to them. Home care for elderlies is an absolute necessity during this time.

Loneliness or depression:-
Elders tend to get lonely at times. Festivals may aggravate this loneliness and it is a common occurrence. However, if symptoms of depression are displayed throughout the year with bouts of loneliness, it is recommended to consult skilled professional.

One visit is all that will take to make the day brighter for your elderly folks. Even if you are buried with work, you should call them regularly, and, if possible, interact with them over a video-call. One simple phone call would do wonders for you and your parents both.

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