Bedwetting in Children

Bedwetting is also called Enuresis. Sometimes, stress does not cause bedwetting but bedwetting causes stress. About 95% of children think that they are the only ones who wet the bed, which is very stressful for them. Wetting the bed is common in children under six years of age and this condition is mostly due to psychological problems. It may also return in adulthood. Mainly, the causes of these are somewhere related to a psychological disorder, like anxiety, stress, unhappiness, and trauma.

The causes of bedwetting in children are many:

  • Sometimes, kids wet their bed when starting school
  • The birth of a new sibling
  • When kids start thinking that home is not a safe place for them
  • When kids have too much pressure from schoolwork
  • When they feel neglected or abused by parents
  • A death in a family may trigger post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Parents think that their child is wetting the bed out of laziness- the kid gets worried there’s something wrong with them.
  • Some kids have a deficiency of ADH (anti-diuretic hormone); those kids wet the bed more during sleep. They release less ADH hormone
  • Sometimes, a child’s mind is so stressed that their brain doesn’t get the signal that their bladder is full
  • Lack of toilet training
  • When kids are stressed they eat a lot of salty foods and they start retaining fluids and fail to wake up from deep sleep when their bladder is full
  • Stress or anxiety may also cause a child to drink too much late at night; even they may forget to urinate before going to bed
  • Deep sleepers
  • Nightmares.

About ten to fifteen percent of children over age 6 wet the bed during the night. The possible harm of bedwetting is definitely psychological. After six, many children start to have sleep deprivation can be awkward and stressful. You have to handle this positively and that can help to improve bedwetting.

  • Bladder stretching exercises
  • Restrictions intake of fluids before bed
  • Bedwetting alarms can help to wake a child to use the toilet
  • Change the toilet habits
  • Eat protein foods

Psychologists believe that if your child wets the bed for a long period of time, the best option is to involve a professional psychologist what exactly the problem is and how it can be cured. The most important factor that influences psychological problems is fear. Kids are afraid of ghosts in the darkroom and they wet the bed. Therefore the most important thing a parent can do is to support rather than punish or blame the kid. Your attitude towards your child is everything to encourage them.

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