Effective Ways To Deal With Internet Addiction In Children

What is the most effective way of dealing with internet addiction among children?

There are certain steps that one can take to rid one’s children of internet addiction. One of the ways is to keep them engaged with alternate activities, which excite them and at the same time take them closer to their goal and make them happy. This is the key remedy for the intelligent ‘Young’ generation. One can also try to discuss the negative and positive effects of the internet openly with one’s kids and try to protect them from the negative effect as smartly as one can. As a parent one should try to make them feel, that spending time on the internet is their choice and not a compulsion. Only the taste of real-life success can give them the boost to monitor their internet usage skilfully. Any kind of activity-based therapy or activity-based skillful work can make you feel better in the long run if you are reaching for a healthy way out of internet addiction.

Does internet addiction affect children’s performance in school?

The academic excellence of a child depends on what’s being taught and school and on acquiring extra skills, according to one’s interests. Internet use can sometimes negatively affect the performance of a student. Lack of interest in written work develops muscular rigidity along with less finger flexibility resulting in failure to write with the effective speed at the time of examination. Audio-visual coordination can also get hampered, which is necessary for class performance. The capacity to understand something easily and lack of concentration can harm one’s ability to memorize.

Does internet addiction lead to ADHD?

Internet addiction has many signs and symptoms, which are the same for adults as well as adolescents. Some of these signs may be depression and ADHD, mood swings, irritability, poor academic performance, proneness to diversion, etc. Studies have not yet conclusively determined whether this addiction causes other issues, but findings have shown that adolescents with this addiction are more likely to suffer from ADHD.

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