Help Your Child Beat The Exam Stress

Examinations can be the most difficult part of school life for children who are easily taken down by stress. Often parents fail to understand the shortcomings on their part to encourage their children to perform better and according to their capabilities. There are certain indications that can make you aware of your child’s mental health and whether he or she is stressed or not. In the run for achieving higher scores and being ahead in the race, we often overlook the exam stress that children go through and how it affects them.

Children experiencing exam stress may:

  1. Lose sleep over performance in exams
  2. Lose hope very soon
  3. Not eating well or at regular intervals
  4. Remain worried and anxious before tests
  5. Get stomach crunches and headaches too often
  6. Not be in a good frame of mind and stop doing things they loved to do once
  7. Lose temper too quickly over petty matters

What makes children suffer from exam stress?

  1. Lack of inspiration
  2. Not being totally prepared
  3. Family pressure for better performance
  4. Peer pressure

What can you do to ease exam stress?

  • Eating properly and at proper intervals should be maintained during examinations.
  • Make sure your child sleeps well for 8 hours at least.
  • Never mind untidy rooms or chores left undone during exams.
  • Help your child with revision and motivate them to perform well.
  • Help them overcome the fear of exams by talking about how being nervous is okay and that it is good to be a little nervous during exams.
  • Make sure they practice some sort of exercise or play outdoor games even during exams be it for a short while.
  • Keep in mind not to pressure them and be their support system instead of a critic.
  • Avoid discussing answers immediately after they exit the exam hall. Give them some time to relax and discuss them later after all the tests are over.
  • Allow them to take a break and give them some small treats.

How children can help themselves to beat exam stress?

  • Listening to music
  • Chalking out a plan to complete the syllabus in time
  • Distracting oneself with a game
  • Meditating for a few minutes
  • Munching on chocolate or a snack
  • Talking it out to parents
  • Trying not to get distracted while studying

When should we get help?

Usually, children feel relieved after the exam period gets over. However, if your child continues to remain anxious after the stress period is over, you probably need to get some help for your child. It is advisable to consult a counselor to help your child discuss exam stress and assist him to get relief and improving his performance level.

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