Mobile Games & Exam Marks

Mobile games have constantly shown a tremendous addiction to children of every age. With the increasing innovation of technology, the visual effects and concepts have been in high demand each day. A new study has been found that mobile games have both a negative and positive impact on children. In the innovation of technology high-definition television, Facebook, and the internet have played a huge role on society. But no area has been recognized as much as the area of mobile games. Sometimes, these video games can have a negative impact on children making their academic grades extremely low and poor eventually. They become highly reluctant to do their homework or prepare academically or also show a lack of social interaction as they are so much engrossed in the world of mobile games.

On the other hand, few mobile games can play a success story in the academic career of children. Mobile games based on problem-solving, chess, cards, critical thinking, and creativity increases the chances of brainstorming or brain developing in children significantly. This, as a result, improves the performance of children academically with improved result and high grades. On a positive note, these brainstorming games engaged the children both mentally and physically with high English test scores.

Advantages of Playing Mobile Games for Kids

1)Improves coordination

At the point when a grown-up or kid is playing a computer game, the person isn’t just gazing at the PC inactively. The exercises and activities on the screen give a ton of mental incitement. For one to play, the individual need to facilitate their visual, audio, and physical development.

2) Improves Brainstorming

Video Games require a lot of brainstorming and brain stimulating activity in order to survive in a game for a long time. As a mobile game player you need to take a wise decision for moving further safely on an ongoing game. In this way, the player can successfully move to the next level by defeating the opponent player in the mobile game.

3) Improves memory

Playing your most loved computer game may require both visual and audio memory. The player is required to peruse or tune in to the guidelines which may just be given toward the start of the game, therefore the need to recall them all through the whole game. This innovation of technology improves your memory, regardless of whether short-term or long-term.

4) Enhance Brain Speed

While gaming, the brain gets different incitements both Visual and audio. As indicated by research, people who play computer games often can process these triggers quicker than others. These triggers guarantee that the cerebrum is constantly attempting to translate them.

5) Upgrades performing multiple tasks abilities

An intense action mobile game, for instance, may expect you to be attentive. It expects you to almost certainly move your joystick or keys while taking a gander at the different highlights on your screen, for example, vitality levels, approaching enemies, ammo left, accessible time among different variables, all which are crucial to winning. This guarantees the player can watch and respond in like manner to all necessities of that specific amusement.

Disadvantage of Playing Mobile Games for Kids

1)Create Addiction

Mobile Games tends to be very addictive in children which can affect their academic career drastically. Children are keener to play mobile games in both indoor and outdoor which make them reluctant to do their homework, failure to build network socially, and also lack of concentration in school and colleges.

2) Make Aggressive and Violent

There are certain mobile games which have aggressive and violent content that tends to provide an ill effect on children. These mobile games involve both physical and mental aggression which stimulates aggression and violence in children in real life.

3) Lack of Socialization

Children who actively involved in playing mobile games both indoor and outdoor are failed to build connectivity and network with others. This shows the lack of socialization in them when they are in a public gathering or at someone’s place.

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