Relocation: Its affect on school going children

Have you ever questioned yourself as to what goes through your child when he/she is moved from one school to another? Research says children attending school get more affected when their families decide to move to another town or city, either for some economic reasons or other family issues. Children who relocate numerous times are expected to perform badly in school and have more difficulty in making friends. Children, who move several times, usually suffer from emotional as well as behavioral changes.

Relocation leads to stress and anxiety as well as disruption in their daily routine. Teachers may need time to judge a student’s capabilities to suitably place him in reading, math, or science groups. Research says, relocating a lot before the age of 18 also leads to using illegal drugs

The problems are greater among introverted children. Relocation is always bad and stressful. Moving can be totally detrimental or unfavorable because that is the time when children got committed to a particular friend’s group and then move away with their parents emotionally. It depends on their parents, and how they handle the situation.

Firstly, your children can enjoy moving if you involve them with this right from the beginning. You start asking what they think, talk a lot more about the relocation, and encourage them so that they get familiar with this, and change their mind right from the beginning. It’s really very important to let the child know about the shift as early as possible. Several times, I have seen parents who wait till the last to tell them about their move but trust me that disrupts their behavior, they start missing their friends, and neighbors, and largely it affects their education.

Secondly, tell your children about the place and situation and if you can visit the place with them, before the actual move, then it will not only become a reality for them but they will also become familiar with the place and neighbors. This makes children adjust to their new home faster and also makes it easier to make friends in the new place.

Thirdly, remember kids may not express their feelings very well. They might start talking like a baby, wetting the bed, refusing to eat, and becoming either completely taciturn or aggressive. It’s the responsibility of the parents to handle their children delicately – patiently listening to their problems, not being judgmental, and giving logical advice.

The study says that the more frequently children are made to relocate, the more their school work and social skills suffer.

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