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beaches in sri Lanka

Sand in your feet, sun-kissed sea, the beautiful blue skies and that feeling of wanderlust—if these emotions exactly describe how you’re feeling right now, then it means you’re in dire need of a vacation. When it comes to holidays, what better place than Sri Lanka and its mesmerizing sandy beaches. The beaches here are serene, calm and untouched by the hullabaloo of the city life. In case you’re planning to visit Sri Lanka, these are some of the best beaches that you must visit.

1. Mirissa Beach

 One of the most prominent beaches in Sri Lanka, this 2km long beach is the main attraction for several tourists, swimmers and others. Divided by the Parrot Rock, this beach is popular for snorkeling and surfing. What’s more is that you can also spot stunning whales here. Yes, this beach is also popular for whale-watching.

2. Bentota Beach

Located amidst two popular destinations—Galle and Colombo—Bentota beach is considered to be one of the magnificent beaches on the west coast. This beach is the island’s best water sports hub. Kayaking, boat rides, jet-skiing—this destination can easily satisfy the adventurer in you.

3. Hiriketiya Beach

A beach that is relatively left untouched by the locals and tourists alike, Hiriketiya beach has gained popularity among individuals who wish to get away from the daily chaos and continuous development in the city. You can rent a surfboard, learn from the experts there and surf to your heart’s content.

4. Secret Beach

Standing true to its name, Secret beach is a small, secluded and serene beach situated near Mirissa. As the location of the beach is such that it’s difficult to reach there if you get an opportunity you should definitely visit this beach to explore its overall beauty.

5. Wijaya Beach

White sand, clean water, and cool palm trees—Wijaya beach is an instant hit with the tourists who visit Sri Lanka. If you’re lucky, you can also witness some turtles swimming around in this clean water.

6. Trincomalee Beach

Situated within a distance of 10 minutes, Nilaveli beach and Trincomalee beach can be visited together. Both of them are the best beaches in the Eastern stretch.

7. Arugsm Bay

Attracting surfers from all across the globe, this beach has the best waves that are perfect for surfing. If you’re planning to visit Sri Lanka, then ensure that you go for a motorboat ride on this beach to look for dolphins.

Believe it or not, but Sri Lanka is one of the most underrated destinations when it comes vacationing. Renowned for its tranquil surroundings and gorgeous scenery, this list comprises of just some of the best beaches here. But if you search more in depth, you’ll discover that there are many more such beaches with the perfect waves and winds. You don’t need to worry about the crowd or the pollution, you can just unwind, relax and rejuvenate amidst the gushing sea waves.

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