Music Therapy for Senior Citizens

music therapy to avoid loneliness


“Music has been interwoven with societal evolution since time immemorial. There is no culture on earth that doesn’t have its music. Of late, music has transcended the boundaries of art and pleasure, to which it was oft relegated, and has showed strong potential as a healing agent for the brain.”

Recent studies show that for senior citizens, depression can be dealt with through music therapy.

Music has already proven to be therapeutic in case of people suffering from mental disorders, of all ages. In case of patients afflicted with dementia, music has been used to calm them down and to manage severe, aggressive behaviour.

Elderly patients often suffer from loneliness, anxiety, depression and chronic pain (even without any apparent physical disorder). As they undergo physiological changes, they often suffer mental and physical pain without any explanation.

Music works as an active therapeutic agent that reduces pain, depression, anxiety, mood swings and loneliness. Other than conventional methods of treatment, music can be an equally potent medium to alleviate the physiological problems of the elderly.

Classical music, as well as certain instruments such as piano and violin can soothe frayed nerves in general, and, for the elderly, can prove to be a blessing.

Music therapy therefore needs to be introduced in the fold to treat the elderly and give an extra caring touch to the elderly.

Elderly people are often in the need of extra care and concern, and music therapy is a good way to make a beginning.

TriBeCa Care offers specialized services, including different therapeutic options for the elderly, to maintain their health and well-being, and alleviate loneliness from their lives.

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