10 Must Haves for Senior Safety

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The comfort of living in your own home is incomparable. No matter what your age, there is no substitute for it. However, with age there are many changes that occur in the body that makes it difficult for people do things as efficiently as they used to be able to. Physical changes like declining eyesight, hearing and loss of bone density makes seniors vulnerable to falls and accidents. However, there are some gadgets that can ensure and enable senior safety those who lives alone. These will help them live a comparatively safer life, in their own homes and maintain their independence. These items should be a part and parcel of geriatric care at home.

  • Grab BarsGrab bars and rails in bathrooms are an absolute must. Bathroom floors get slippery after a bath. Walking around in the bathroom after a shower is a recipe for a fall. Also, getting up from a sitting position is often a challenge for seniors. Both these activities can be made safe with the help of grab bars on walls, wherever they are needed.
  • Handrails on StaircasesSeniors often have falls on stairs due to decreased balance and agility. If there are staircases in the house, ensure that they have sturdy handrails. These are good things to have that can arrest falls on stairs.
  • Shower ChairShowering should be a relaxing affair. Seniors should not have to do a balancing act while showering. Showering chairs are indispensible for those who have difficulty maintaining balance while standing or for those who cannot remain standing for a long time.
  • SmartphoneA smart phone is not a luxury but a necessity for the elderly. With a smart phone at hand, they will be able to stay in touch with family, order cabs or place emergency calls, whenever they want. Choose a smart phone that has voice typing.
  • Talking Alarm Clock and Pill ReminderSeniors often have trouble waking up on time or remembering to take their medication on time. With a talking alarm clock, they will have no trouble knowing what time it is. The pill reminder will ensure that they do not forget to take their medicine on time.
  • Landline TelephoneFor those seniors who can’t see or hear very well, a landline telephone is ideal. The buttons should be large and easy to read and the ring tone should be loud and clear. Ideally, the receiver should be hearing aid compatible.
  • Ice PackA reusable ice pack comes in handy in case of sudden falls or injuries. These can be stored in the refrigerator for reuses.
  • Hearing AidsMany seniors lose hearing as they age. Hearing aids are a must have for them to lead a normal life.
  • Pill DispenserHaving a pill dispenser with the days of the week clearly written on top is a good to have item, especially for seniors. Pills can also be categorized by time of day.
  • Walking CaneFor those seniors who have trouble walking, an adjustable walking cane is a helpful item. This way they can get their daily exercise without exerting themselves too much. Walking canes also help with balance while walking or standing.In spite of all these precautions, geriatric care at home cannot be undertaken alone. It goes without saying, that to make the home as safe as possible for seniors should be the aim of every caregiver. For emergencies TriBeCa Care offers home security services like help with hospitalisation and ambulance, CCTV camera installation for home safety and SOS services.

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