5 Signs That Mom or Dad Needs Assisted Living

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As people age, their minds and bodies go through changes. Decline in physical and mental agility makes them less capable of taking care of themselves. Seniors who live alone sometimes hesitate to ask for help lest they inconvenience family members. However, if you are a caregiver, you will be able to tell if they need more help. If you recognise the signs, it may mean that your aged parent needs assisted living. When geriatric care at home gets too difficult, moving your elderly loved one to assisted living is the practical solution.
Here are some signs that may help you make the difficult decision of moving an elderly loved one to an assisted living facility.

Activities of Daily Living

Activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) are skills that a person needs to live alone, independently. These are dressing, bathing, shopping, cooking, taking medication, etc. These are activities that are the yardstick of how functional a person is. If your elderly loved one looks unkempt, if their clothes look dirty, and so on it might mean that they are having difficulty accomplishing one or more of these tasks.

Social Isolation

If your elderly loved one locks themselves up in their houses and watch TV for most parts of the day, it could mean that they are socially isolated. If you notice that they are shying away from social engagements, not interacting with neighbours or friends and avoiding meeting family, it could lead to social isolation that could lead to depression.

Lack of Home Maintenance

If the house looks untidy, if the kitchen is unclean, if there is stale food in the refrigerator it could mean that your elderly loved one has either no energy or no inclination to cook and clean. It may be getting difficult for them to move about the house and do these chores.

Safety Concerns

Try to find out if your elderly loved one has fresh bruises on their body. It indicates a fall or an injury. Assess whether it is safe for them to live alone in their own homes with fall risks and chances of accidents. Seniors are often preyed on by anti-social elements. It may no longer be safe for them to live alone.

Caregiver Fatigue

If you feel tired or irritable after taking care of your elderly loved one, it is time to stop. They probably need more help than you are able to give them. In that case, it is advisable to either bring in more in-home help from outside. If that is not a feasible option then it is best to move them to an assisted living facility.

Geriatric care at home is not an easy task and you should not feel guilty if you are unable to keep up after a while. There are many assisted living facilities in the city where your elderly loved one can live comfortably and in peace. TriBeCa Care is tying up with assisted living facilities throughout the city. We will provide our elder care services through them.

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