COPD: When Breathing can Become a matter of Life or Death

COPD is a lung disease that blocks the air from flowing into your lungs. This disease causes difficulty in breathing and the damage caused by this is irreversible. These days suffering from lung diseases have become very common due to the increase in pollution and other western habits like smoking. Emphysema and chronic bronchitis are the two most normal conditions that take place along with COPD. These two conditions for the most part happen together and can shift in seriousness among people with COPD.

Even though COPD is a reformist sickness that deteriorates over the long run, COPD is treatable. With appropriate medical advancement, a great many people with COPD can accomplish great side effect control and personal satisfaction, just as decreased danger of other related conditions. It is a lung disease that increases its effects with time and age. This is a fatal disease and very harmful for chain smokers though it can be treated with advanced medical science.

Causes of COPD:

Increased breathing problems are one of the symptoms of COPD. The causes are active smoking or it can also be genetic as in the case of non-smokers. There are several other factors that contribute to the causes of COPD such as air pollution, lung infections, and some other causes.

Over the long run, openness to aggravations that harm your lungs and breathing routes can cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which incorporates ongoing bronchitis and emphysema. The primary driver of COPD is smoking, however, nonsmokers can get COPD as well.

Smoking is the greatest danger factor for Constant Obstructive Pneumonic Infection (COPD), which incorporates ongoing bronchitis and emphysema. It expands your danger of COPD affecting you drastically or even fatally. Roughly 85 to 90 per cent of COPD cases are brought about by smoking while the rest is caused due to the environment. Female smokers are almost multiple times as prone to catch COPD as ladies who have never smoked; male smokers are almost multiple times as liable to get attacked by COPD rather than men who have never smoked.


Other danger factors for COPD include:

  • Openness to air contamination
  • Breathing used smoke
  • Working with synthetics, residue, and exhaust
  • A hereditary condition called Alpha-1 insufficiency
  • A past filled with youth respiratory contamination
Symptoms of COPD

The signs of COPD in the early stage are negligible and most people fail to recognize the disease. Asthma and bronchitis are common symptoms that can be seen among COPD patients. In later stages of the lung disease shortness of breath, perennial cough and thick mucus-loaded cough can be seen.

Heavy signs can be seen in the later stages of this disease where wheezing, blue lips, chest pain becomes a common thing. Frequent colds, losing weight and appetite, swollen hands and feet are signs that the disease must be treated seriously and one must quit smoking if into the habit.

Lifestyle changes that have led to an increase in COPD:

With the growing times, our lifestyles have evolved and brought in new food styles, living styles, working hours, and thus human lifestyle as a whole. The lifestyle change has brought with it a lot of side effects such as diseases like COPD. Maintaining a healthy weight, staying fit and active, adapting to new healthy environments, getting used to healthy work hours are things you should take note of for changing your lifestyle and preventing diseases in the long run. Exposure to dust and chemicals leads to breathing problems and irritation in your lungs. Thus maintain a good lifestyle with a balanced diet and a healthy surrounding where you can breathe freely.

How to manage COPD?

To manage COPD you have to quit smoking and regulate your diet to have a healthy and balanced food cycle. One must avoid too much heat or cold. If you are having COPD or breathing problems, you must stay away from persons having respiratory issues. One must exercise regularly and also practice breathing techniques to breathe effortlessly. Environmental pollution should be avoided for the betterment of your respiration. The most important thing is leading a balanced and healthy life. Extreme warmth can likewise pressurize the heart and lungs. Summer months can make breathing simpler. Oxygen pressure is a lot lower at high heights, which makes breathing troublesome. This could influence you in case you are going through bumpy mountainous terrains. Thus try to avoid these for your own health benefits.

To keep yourself away from this fatal disease, constrain yourself from smoking on a regular basis, try to be in a healthy environment, and breathe in the fresh air. Maintain your work hours and balance them with other work. Check your food habits and be active throughout the day which will increase your immunity and keep you immune to diseases.

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