5 Reasons why you should Check the Technology of Old Age Homes

Seniors often stay perplexed due to loneliness, boredom and anxious habits. Moreover, when they see their friends passing away, it saddens them even more. Due to the busy lifestyles of youngsters these days, they are not able to spend ample time with their old parents. Even keeping a caregiver, does not suffice as the only relation they would ever have with them is for their basic needs like cleaning and cooking. Hence, it becomes important to note the importance of technology in old age homes in this respect.

The technology is getting more and more advanced day by day. In this age of dwindling attention spans, it becomes somewhat necessary to make the best use of available technology resources. We are listing some of the reasons why you should check the available technology when selecting an old age home for your parents:-

➢ Convenience at your tips:

Buying groceries has never been easier. There are many online websites like bigbasket.com and grofers.com, which deliver groceries at your doorstep. This increases self-dependence in older parents.

➢ Ease of communication:

Technology has made it easy for people to communicate or even see each other from miles away. Applications like Skype, Facebook, iPhoto, Instagram and Snapchat help the new generation keep in constant touch with their old parents. This also helps them in keeping track of each other’s whereabouts.

➢ Bill Payments:

Nowadays, it has become easier to make payments online. Technology has enabled us to transfer funds, make electricity and mobile phone payments etc., with just one click. Hence, they don’t need to go to the bank to pay necessary bills every time.

➢ E learning:

Elders can be taught knitting, cooking and yoga amongst other things with the help of Youtube videos available online. This will help in keeping them engaged and it will get easier for them to while away their time.

➢ Healthy incentives:

Elders can keep a track of their diet and exercise routine through multiple applications. This will encourage them to be more active in their old age and participate more in physical as well as health related activities.

Apart from the above stated reasons, technology brings people closer. It diminishes the problems faced due to lesser mobility in elders. The importance of technology in old age homes cannot be overlooked in this aspect. Many old age homes not only provide internet services, but also help elders in using them effectively. Many elders are unable to use the touch screen in mobile phones efficiently due to shaking hands and deteriorated eyesight. In such cases, they need to be taught the basic functions like using the volume button and using the home button to go back. If these things are kept in mind, their lives can be made a lot easier.

Therefore, ensure that the old age home has a good Wifi connection and has a cyber room or laptops at the elders’ disposal. The importance of technology in old age homes is increasing in this day and age. Therefore, make good use of available technology resources and help elders lead a happier and healthier lifestyle!

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