5 Unappreciated Things about Senior Living

If the time has come for you to decide whether or not you want your elderly loved one to continue living at home with some kind of assistance from a caregiver, you may do well to consider assisted senior living facility. It is still taboo in this part of the world but that is only because we don’t appreciate some great things about assisted living. Elder care service in the city is diversifying and deserves our unprejudiced attention. Read on to find out more and make an informed decision.

Apartment-style life

When elderly people can no longer live on their own and have to move to a residential facility or a nursing home, the thing that they miss most is living in their own homes. There is a degree of comfort and independence to living in one’s own house.

In a Senior living facility, your elderly loved one can have a room all to themselves. They can decorate and arrange it the way they want to. They can have their own things in it. This way they can retain a part of their own identity and be comfortable.

Community living

As people get older, their social circles become smaller and smaller. They do not have the opportunity or the ability to interact socially with a lot of people anymore.

Living in a senior living facility is more like living in a community. Meals are taken together. There are group activities that residents can take part in. They can even go for outings with the other residents. If they want to spend time on their own, they can. But if they want to be with other people, that is an option too.


As you take care of your elderly loved one day in and day out, you get tired of it and it is not criminal to get bored sometimes. However, remember you are not the only one who is getting bored. As they’re the only person you’re seeing, you are also the only person they’re seeing and perhaps one other caregiver. This could get a little boring. They’re old, not inhuman.

Assisted Senior living provides a social environment where there are more people your elderly loved one can meet and interact with.


If you have an attendant coming in at scheduled times to check on your elderly loved one, they may sometimes consider it an invasion of their privacy.

Living in an assisted living facility may seem, on the face of it, to be less private than living in one’s own home. However, for the elderly, assisted living actually gives them more privacy. They can choose when to be in company and when to be alone. They can decide when they need help and ask for it accordingly.

Round-the-clock help

You can get 24×7 help at an assisted senior living. Whenever your elderly loved one needs help, it will be at hand. There will be no need to wait for a certain time of day or a certain day of the week to get something done.

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