5 ways to tackle Emergency Situations in a good Old Age Home

“Time is a cruel mistress”, goes the age-old saying. The time that makes a newborn grow up into one fine human being is the same as the time which renders the very same human being old, wrinkled, and essentially handicapped. It’s especially cruel when you realize that your loved ones can no longer take care of themselves. No matter how much you care for them and cater to their needs, it wouldn’t beat professional care.

This is where a good old age home steps in. Choosing to put your loved one in any facility or place that isn’t your own home is really difficult. But, respite can be found after you successfully invest in a good old age home and your loved one is taken care of properly. Obviously, the decision to select any one such facility among countless others should be evaluated in detail.

Let’s say you are done with the initial steps and successfully relocate your mother or father to such a good old age home. Take a moment to consider the worst-case scenario that could happen, for example, a natural calamity in the area.

This is a serious situation and you must consider getting all the relevant information regarding such a scenario. Let’s look at a couple of basic things that the old age home should offer in case of a natural calamity:

1. Location

Any good old age home should have a geographically good location. It should be in a place which will be easily accessible by any means of transport. Also, its proximity to other healthcare facilities should be considered.

2. Staffing

An old age home is only as good as the staff attending it. Make a detailed inquiry about staffing conditions. Emphasis on knowing the staff to residents ratio, ensure the staff is not overworked. And check online, if possible, the disaster management credentials and emergency preparedness training of the staff.

3. Evacuation plan in case of an emergency

It is imperative for a good old age home to have an evacuation plan ready in case of any natural calamity. You can ask the administrator if the plan is updated at regular intervals and if the staff is trained accordingly to deal with such a scenario.

4. Sheltering plans in case of an emergency

Emergency response isn’t actually a “one size fits all” kind of deal. Steps that should be taken in case of a flood, or earthquake must be different from those to be taken in case of a terrorist attack. Therefore, sheltering the residents is a neat approach in case of an emergency like a tornado or terrorist attack. Make sure to check with the administrator on the conditions of the food supplies and security facilities for the shelter.

5. Tie-ups with other facilities

During an emergency, healthcare should be the top priority in a good old-age home. Make sure the old age home is a reputed one and ask the administrator about their healthcare-providing partners.

No one can accurately predict the course of nature and its musings. The best approach is to be prepared for anything that might come. Whilst on the journey to find the best available care facility for your loved ones under any conditions, you will find many choices which might confuse you. Let us help you to find a good old age home that will live up to your expectations.

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