7 Essential Questions to ask from Old Age Consultants

Old Age consultants are a New Age phenomenon. There is a vacuum that needs to be filled.

Elderly care‘’…Wants and needs.

Trepidation, insecurity, and anxiety caused by changing societal patterns like the collapse of the joint family, children working in distant places, nuclear families, and lack of space, all call for new adjustments.
Welcome to the modern lifestyle of the retired and elderly.

‘ Rewire rather than retire!’

And a big hello to the Old age consultant who offers manifold information and services to help decide questions like what kind, where, how, when, and why one needs and gets care and compassion in old age. Rather than the elderly men and women spend their sunset years in banishment, neglect, or loneliness, Old age consultants offer advice about the new retirement homes or assisted living homes that can offer an opportunity to live in dignity, peace, companionship, and relative contentment. Max India is promoting its retirement homes with the catch line “Fun and laughter, 60 and after.”

The Old age consultants, therefore, have their hands and minds full doing research and assessing Retirement homes` new homes away from home they have to ensure the “made for each other” concept!
So before you make up your mind, do ask the right questions of the right people.

7 Essential queries for your Old Age Consultants:

1)What kind of retirement home will match the age bracket,
a) 50-70, active without ailments, independent living within a gated community. A lot depends on whether one is single or is a couple.
b) 60-75 needing some support during the day, might need access to caregivers at times. In-house medical assistance might be required.
c) Above 70 and ailing or not, but requiring constant attention hence the availability of doctors and nursing care required. Especially for mental or physically disabled people.

2) An Old Age Consultant needs to be explained the client’s financial status. The question here would be ‘Will you please do my math before you make recommendations? In this context, the present and future financial conditions have to be reviewed. Legal implications and fine print on the agreement document of the retirement home have to be checked in detail (an important point to note here is, is the property on which the retirement home is, is owned or tenanted.) Sometimes the consultant may suggest a short-term stay before a final decision.

3) Ask your Consultant about the safety and security services offered. Background checks of all those within the home are important and is there a constant update of their information. The reputation of the service provider must be a top priority. The kind of people who are employed on the campus must be trained in patience and punctuality and perseverance….3 ‘P’s What is the ratio of the caregivers to the housemates? What emergency measures are in place for medical emergencies, and fires? Is there a CCTV in place?

4) With the aid of the Old Age Consultant assess one’s needs These progressively change over time. It is imperative that the retirement home can deal with those, in terms of caregivers, diet, medical aid, and leisure activities.

5) The location of the home should be kept in mind so that adjustment becomes easier. With children or visitors/guests visiting ask if there is a possibility of them being comfortably accommodated.
Also if hospitals are close enough to run to with an ambulance on call.

6) Very very important to ask the Old Age Consultant about facilities offered like Diet,(veg/non-veg), are special tastes catered to. What is the standard of cleanliness and housekeeping? What leisure time activities are provided, are the inmates taken for outings and social get-togethers, and is there a library? music.?
Availability of physiotherapist and dietitian.

7) Finally what is the overall ambiance? What is the environment like …tranquil and soothing. How is the outside maintained with/without gardens? What and how is the garbage disposed of? Is the place digitally connected? Is the administration cooperative, friendly patient keeping an eye on the so-called trivial details but important for the heart and soul of the elderly? Are there smiles and companionship in large doses to make the second innings of the senior citizens inclusive and joyful?

The Old Age Consultants have their hands more than full in providing for the satisfaction of their clients. They spend hours in detailed research to be able to help give the client the answers they want. It is a very niche service provided for an audience that is growing by the day and years. Right now there are about 90 million Indians, roughly 8% of the population in this bracket. Expected to rise to roughly about 240 million by 2050!!!! And growing!

To find your perfect or near-perfect fit for your second innings talk to Old age consultants who may be able to take up the challenge and certainly lend you a helping hand.

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