Arati Princess Nest: A New Perspective for Old Age Homes

Look around you. There are skyscrapers, dug-up roads, and parked cars everywhere causing two things—encroached spaces and hordes of pollution. Amidst this, organic farming is a sustainable way to reintroduce ecological balance and make it pollution-free.

Some of the benefits of organic farming are as follows:

  • Organic farming is done with healthy soil
  • Curbing the exposure to dangerous chemicals and pesticides
  • Making the environment pollution-free by reducing the effects of global warming
  • Resolving the land and soil issues faced in farming
  • Supports water and animal conservation
  • Encourages biodiversity

Practicing organic farming at old age homes

Practicing organic farming at an old age home is a brilliant idea that doesn’t occur daily. But when it does, you must make the most of it. That’s exactly what Arati Princess Nest has been doing. Nestled in Kanaipur, Hooghly—Arati Princess Nest introduced the idea of organic farming to the residents of the old age home, which was nothing short of genius.

Why Arati Princess Nest stands out?

One of the premium, ultra-modern old age homes near Kolkata with luxurious amenities—Arati Princess Nest is considered to be one-of-a-kind. Every elderly person residing at this old age home has complete access to the best food, healthcare facilities, wellness, maintenance, housekeeping, and entertainment.

Facilities that the senior citizens here enjoy are:

  • Wonderful greenery all around
  • Well-furnished and comfortable accommodation facilities
  • Freshly-prepared meals that have been recommended by the physician
  • Tie-ups with leading hospitals and doctors for regular medical check-ups
  • A well-stocked library for all the bibliophiles
  • Yoga and pranayam center
  • Full access to Wi-Fi, and 24-hour security and CCTV coverage
  • Temple, playing areas, and guest rooms

Their mission

Arati Princess Nest strives to offer elevated healthcare to the elderly by hiring professional nurses and caregivers who are experts tending to senior citizens.

Through the initiative of organic farming at old age homes, Arati Princess Nest has proved that change always begins at home. If you want things to transform around you, you need to take the first step. With a simple idea and ample determination, they have converted this thought into a reality, which has benefited the lives of the elderly and introduced sustainable changes in the environment. With pollution-free surroundings, cleaner air to breathe, and fresh produce to devour—the world became a lot greener and cleaner.