Assisted Living – A Healthier Senior Living Option

Recent studies, the world over, have shown that loneliness in the elderly leads to depression which is a major health risk for them. As people age, changes occur in the mind and the body. These changes are often difficult to accept and live with. At this time of life, it is especially important for people to be as healthy as possible, both physically and mentally. It is important to consider these factors before deciding on a senior living option for your elderly loved one. Living alone at home may no longer be a healthy option for them. An assisted living facility may just be the right choice for your elderly loved one. Here’s why…

Assistance with ADLs

Activities of daily living or ADLs like eating, bathing, dressing, cooking etc. sometimes becomes too burdensome for the elderly. They either neglect to do these things or simply forget to do so. At an assisted living facility, there is regular assistance with ADLs. That is what they stand for.

Balanced Meals

When living alone in their own home, your elderly loved one may not want to take the trouble of cooking for one. It is too much of an effort for them. This might lead to malnutrition that could result in other health problems including depression. At an assisted living facility, meals are served on time and are usually balanced as far as nutrients go. These meals are tailored for the nutritional needs of the elderly.


Living alone is as much a challenge for the young as it is for the elderly. For one reason – loneliness. Loneliness and social isolation can wreak havoc on mental and physical health. The elderly are particularly prone to it as their social circle diminishes and children get busy and move away. Contact with the outside world becomes difficult to maintain due to mobility issues. At an assisted living facility, seniors are in the company of others their own age who can understand their problems because they are shared.


As physical agility declines, so does the desire to be active. It has been found that remaining physically active for longer reduces the chances of cognitive decline in seniors. Assisted living facilities have gyms and other fitness programs that seniors can participate in and remain active and stay healthy.


Assisted living facilities are built with the safety of seniors in mind. Things like handrails on staircases and grab bars in bathrooms are already installed to reduce fall risks. In case of an accident, there is immediate assistance at hand.

Stress Relief

The stress of keeping a house and maintaining an establishment is considerable. It is difficult to handle at the best of times. As people get older, it becomes more of a liability than anything else. In an assisted living facility, seniors can live a stress free life and still be as independent as they want to be.
In the twilight year of life, people deserve to live happily and peacefully, surrounded by friends. That is what an assisted living facility offers. There are many such senior living options in Kolkata. TriBeCa Care is tying up with several of these facilities across the city to offer its elder care services to the elderly.

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