biggest fears of old age homes

Biggest Fears of Old Age Homes

Old age homes carry both advantages and disadvantages for elderly people. The fear in the elderly people of moving under assisted living daunts them every now and then as they fear of losing their independence more than they fear death. In the present scenario, children sent their parents to assisted living to stay away from them. Secondly, there is a lack of medical facilities and caretakers in old age homes. Sometimes, these elderly people are all left alone to themselves and nobody can take care of them. This becomes one of the biggest fears for elderly seniors to combat depression and loneliness.

Our elderly seniors may not speak straightforwardly about these things, but as their children and close ones, you need to understand the daunting fears and stress that are prevailing in them.

Now, let’s look at the biggest fear of old age homes in elderly seniors:

  1. Self-sufficiency and freedom are two characteristics that many people love. As individuals get age, the loss of freedom turns into a terrifying reality. The dread that other individuals may control your life and make choices for you is one thing that daunts elderly seniors every now and then. Thus, elderly adults fear moving under assisted living as they think that their life and decision will be controlled by the old age home authority.
  2. Most times, senior adults want to age in their own homes. The change in place irrespective of old age homes becomes one of the biggest fears in our elderly adults.
  3. Seniors in assisted living fear that they will be not given adequate medical facilities. This becomes a major issue of concern in elderly seniors that the caregivers will be reluctant to treat them well. The possibility of turning into a defenseless elderly person is one thing that scares senior adults the most.
  4. Elderly seniors also fear that while living in an old age home they won’t be able to see or meet their children and closed ones at regular intervals.
  5. Elderly seniors also fear that they won’t get their choice of food and will be restricted every time by the old age home authority under their strict guidelines.

How Tribeca Care can help?

We at TriBeCa Care utilize skilled staff and mindful advisors who have immense experience in helping seniors and their families through this change.

The difficulties that accompany aging are not constantly physical. Seniors can confront an assortment of difficulties as they age, and a significant number of medical facilities in old age homes can be relieved with medical experts and medical assistants who give superb senior consideration.

We also give medical facilities in old age homes including aspiratory recovery, language training, rest apnea treatment, dementia care, scaled-down ICU set-up for basic consideration cases, and prepared ICU medical caretakers.

We, at TriBeCa Care, care about you, and your family. Our Elder Care is categorically structured to provide the elderly with the support that they deserve. If you have any further queries then feel free to reach us. Call us at + 913366064208 or request a callback. Email us at