Digante: The Premium Old Age Home

Digante, a premium senior living facility, is the right place for the elderly who are willing to spend the twilight years of their lives away from the chaos of the city. Build in the heritage city of Chinsura near Kolkata, this place is surrounded by mango orchards and bamboo grooves.

This new old age home is run by a charitable trust, ‘Bengal Organisation of Social Development and Upliftment’ (BOSDU). The trust is founded by Dr. Aparna Lahiri Chatterjee and Dr. Rajat Chatterjee from the city of Kolkata.

Dr. Aparna Lahiri Chatterjee, one of the founders of the trust BOSDU, is a practicing Critical Care Specialist and Anesthesiologist in Kolkata. She and her husband, Dr. Rajat Chatterjee bought the land in 2008 for her farmhouse.

For several years, they used to run a free clinic for the locals along with the library in this farmhouse. Moreover, they also held several free health check-up camps. The camps were run in association with renowned hospitals in Kolkata like Disha Eye Hospital, Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences (RTIICS), Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, and many others for locals of Chinsura. However, the constant urge to do something for the elders ultimately laid to the foundation of this premium old age home.

“As a resident of Salt Lake, I have noticed that the percentage of elderly living alone is increasing at a very high rate. Moreover, the kind of premium of assisted living they look for is very rare,” said Dr. Lahiri. It was then she realized that doctors can do something together.  Something for the elderly who want to spend their golden days in peace but not alone.

She donated the land to the trust BOSDU and joined hands with specialized doctors to start this dream. “Although it is our profession to take care of people or to treat them, it has become our nature to care for people and think about their well-being”, says Dr. Lahiri. “As doctors, we understand the mental as well as the physical well-being of the people very well”.

“Digante is not a typical old age home offering run-of-the-mill services to elderly persons. It is a star-rated residence for senior citizens. This home has an abundance of happiness and satisfaction while maintaining dignity and self-respect for a joyful life,” says Dr. Lahiri.

The facility has 36 well-furnished AC rooms with single or double occupancy. Special High Care Unit (HCU) to handle any emergency situation has been set up. Moreover, this unit has a separate entry and exit to avoid chaos inside the facility. When the expertise of doctors meets the desire to serve people then homes like Digante come up.

Digante is not a facility, it is a home!

A home where you can spend your days in the lap of Mother Nature.

A home where you can nurture your old hobbies and make new ones.

A home that lets you live your life to the fullest in the care of experienced doctors.

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