Is it Time for Assisted Living?

Due to advanced age or physical disabilities, our loved ones may require assistance with their daily chores. Often, we miss out on the signs that tell us that it is time to reach for assisted living facilities or old age homes for our parents or our close ones.

Assisted living is different from nursing homes in the facilities that they provide. Nursing homes are closer to hospitals and are suitable for people who may require the aid of medical professionals, whereas assisted living facilities are homely, people can maintain their independence and at the same time receive optimum care.

The services that they provide may consist of:

  1. Assistance with meals preparation
  2. Help with medications
  3. Personal care
  4. Access to emergency service
  5. Basic medical support
  6. Help with laundry and housekeeping

Consult with your loved ones before deciding when to move them to assisted living facilities. These are some of the signs that may indicate to you that you need to avail of assisted living services for your loved ones.

Signs that indicate it’s time for assisted living:
1. Declining motor abilities:

Any signs of declining motor ability and balance, where your parents may potentially suffer from repeated falls. You may not be around every time to help them out in such situations.

2. Declining health conditions:

It might be a common problem for our parents. They may require geriatric care and basic assistance with daily activities to lead a hassle-free life.

3. Help with medications:

Constant medication is required for people with a history of chronic illness. They may develop difficulties with the timely administration of medicines every day. At assisted living facilities they are under 24/7 supervision.

4. Help with daily chores:

Your loved ones may not be able to perform daily activities such as cooking, laundry, or cleaning. If you have a busy schedule or you stay away from home, you may not be able to provide them with the basic support that they require. Assisted living facilities or old age homes might be the most suitable solution to such situations.

5. Weaken memory:

In old age, our mental faculties gradually weaken. It becomes difficult for our parents to coordinate with their daily itineraries. They may develop difficulties with navigation or communication, which will require 24-hours supervision and care.

6. Dealing with aggression/depression:

Due to age or sickness, our parents may develop behavioral traits that are difficult to deal with. Moreover, you may not be equipped to deal with situations such as aggression, or chronic depression and may require assisted living facilities for your loved ones.

7. Manage your absence:

If you have to travel a lot and have sick or old people at home to take care of and you need somebody to enquire after them in your absence, you may have to take the aid of assisted living facilities or senior homes.

8. Access to emergency service:

If your loved ones suffer from comorbidities such as cardiovascular diseases it makes them prone to heart attacks or other critical conditions which may require immediate medical attention. Assisted living facilities or senior homes have access to prompt emergency services which is essential in such conditions.

9. Socializing:

If your parents have isolated themselves, or they are not being able to socialize with their close ones, it might adversely affect their emotional well-being. An assisted living facility is a homely environment that will provide them with the scope to get back to normal.

10. Personal care:

Your assistance may not be sufficient for the conditions that your old parents might be in. An assisted living facility provides the optimum care which is somewhere between a nursing home and the care provided by family members at home.

11. Regular health check-ups:

Regular medical check-ups are often required to monitor blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. Assisted living facilities or retirement homes ensure that the tests are conducted regularly and their results are monitored by medical professionals.

With the help of these pointers, we hope that you would be able to take action at the right time for your elderly relatives. When living alone becomes a threat to their own well-being then assisted living facilities or retirement homes offer the most practical and optimized solution to the problem.

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