Old Age Homes-Boon or Bane

Mrs. Sheila Dutta, 76-year-old, lives in a big house in Salt Lake. It’s the place she has called home for 35 years. After losing her husband, she has lived alone in this house for five years. Her two sons are both abroad. She gets lonely by herself in that big house. Could moving to an old age home be the solution? She is faced with many questions.

Old age homes are expensive and some are questionable. What they offer and what one finally gets leaves much to be desired. Moreover, most good old age homes are expensive.

The ones that are not are anything to write home about. The surroundings are not aesthetically pleasing. Maintenance of the facility is not a priority and more often than not, the atmosphere is austere and joyless.

Finding a good old age home in the city that is also affordable, remains a challenge for the elderly. Most good ones are miles away from the city. Good hospitals in the city are not accessible from most of these high-end facilities. Add to that the trauma of leaving your own home at the twilight of life.

It is often an emotional decision for the likes of Mrs. Dutta. Nothing compares to the emotional comfort of living in one’s own house. The community-style living in old age homes may seem like the answer to loneliness but is it? Finding like-minded people is difficult under the best of circumstances. Companionship in an old age home may be a tricky thing.

There are elder care services in Kolkata now that take care of the needs of the elderly in their own homes. Companies like TriBeCa Care have dedicated caregivers who take care of the elderly at home.

They not only help with support services but also with recreation and companionship. This way, the elderly don’t have to leave home and can still live a full life.

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