Top 3 Old Age Homes in Bhubaneswar

Old age homes or senior homes today are growing at an exponential rate. Why?

The reason is taking care of your elderly parents can sometimes be like walking on thin ice. The decision is tough when you have an inkling that your parents or elderly loved ones cannot live alone or take care of themselves.

All these have made old age homes a necessity. The whole idea of assisted living for seniors in Bhubaneswar is to help geriatric people lead normal lives easily.

The blog below taps into some of the best old-age homes in Bhubaneswar, which have made life easy for seniors.


What are the Best Old Age Homes in Bhubaneswar?

One of the prime reasons why assisted living facilities in Bhubaneswar have gained momentum is solace. In these centers, old people not only find companionship but can also avail a wide range of facilities.

Retirement homes become a haven for health and peace of mind for seniors living alone. Three old age centers have become the flag bearer in providing the best facilities. They are:

1. Ananta Krupa Sevashram:

Ananta Krupa Sevashram believes in providing quality life to seniors. The old age home is equipped with world-class facilities like a dressing room, healthcare service, spiritual amenities, and a pantry. There are in-house doctors as well who do regular checkups of the elderly.

2. Shri Krishna Old Age Home:     

Shri Krishna Old Age Home is another of the top names when it comes to old age homes in Bhubaneswar. The facility provides a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle to the elders.

With proper food, healthcare, and special events and celebrations, seniors living here are made to feel loved and cared for. The facility is located near Old Town in Bhubaneswar and is one of the best for aging adults.

3. MP Old Age Home:                   

MP Old age home is one of the non-paid shelters located in Temple City, Bhubaneswar. The facility has homemade and healthy food along with qualified caregivers, which take care of the seniors. Apart from that, older adults are also given monthly checkups.

Old-age homes today have become more than a necessity for seniors. It is because these facilities help older adults lead their life happy and carefree without any stress. Blessed with so many amenities retirement centers have truly become a gamut of hope for seniors in these changing times.

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