Old Age Homes: An Emerging Trend in India

aashray for old age homes

Family homes may not always be the best option for senior citizens

Old age is a different and potentially difficult phase of life. A phase where an elderly loved one may feel lonely, depressed or even helpless.

While most senior citizens would prefer to age at their own home, sometimes they are no longer capable of managing day-to-day living. In fact, in many cases it could be unwise to remain at home alone. Decline in physical health, loss of mobility, safety concerns, lack of dependable home help or cognitive impairment could all affect their independence and living choices.

India needs better infrastructure to care for our senior citizens. We need retirement facilities where like-minded communities thrive in sharing common interests. We also need residential homes for patients with specific conditions like dementia or for those needing rehabilitation or nursing care post a major surgery.

There are many senior homes. But which one is right for me?

Many individuals, NGOs and private organsations have now started building high-quality residential facilities for senior citizens. From ultra-plush senior-only flats to budget old age homes, almost every large Indian city has many options to choose from.

But most families, searching for good care options for their older loved ones struggle with the basic questions:

  • Can my mother continue staying at home?
  • When is the right time to move?
  • How do we start the process?
  • What kind of care do we need?
  • How do we find the right place?

Tribeca Care Aashray: connecting you to better senior living

India’s leading Elder Care specialist, TriBeCa Care, has now launched a unique membership plan called “Aashray”. Aashray simplifies the search process for senior living/old age home facilities. A dedicated Senior Citizen Advisor supports families plan for and even finance that care. TriBeCa Care also works with partner Homes of all sizes and budgets to increase your universe of choice and needs.

Snehodiya old age home

How does this membership work?

As an Aashray member, you will receive all the benefits of TriBeCa Care’s award-wining Senior Care platform along with specialist Senior Living advice as below:

  1. Dedicated Senior Citizen Advisor with deep local knowledge.
  2. Hand-picked list of Senior Homes to match your needs.
  3. Full details including pricing, special offers and financing options.
  4. Insider’s tips for select old age homes and advice tailored to your needs.
  5. Help scheduling visits to Old Age Homes or Retirement Facilities.
  6. Time saving know-how and resources.

How unique is Aashray?

Aashray membership revolutionises the way India searches for living options for their older loved ones.

A simple online search will give a long list of old age homes. But this provides you limited useful information or insights to make an informed choice. The process is frustrating, time-consuming and overwhelming for most families – they are too many choices and so little advice.

Aashray members benefit from:

  • Senior Citizen Advisor with deep local knowledge
  • TriBeCa Care’s 6+ million hours of senior care experience
  • Special discounts & deals on some partner properties
  • Choice of properties to visit before making up their minds
  • Transition help to their new homes

digante old age home

Who is a Senior Citizen Advisor?

A Senior Citizen Advisor is a trained professional who guides you through the journey of finding the right Old Age Home for you. He helps identify your preferences and then provides you with the information so that you can make informed and confident decisions.

For more information, call us at: 03340277777 / 8017770323 or email us at: enquiry@tribecacare.com. Visit our page at: https://tribecacare.com/old-age-homes/.



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