Post Operative Rehabilitation and Physio Solutions

Pranab was a 69-year-old architect who advised hip replacement surgery and was then referred for post-operative rehabilitation solutions by his orthopedic consultant for 4 weeks. Physiotherapy was thought beneficial and recommended to strengthen his hip abductor muscles and to help correct his gait after a prolonged period of limping. He also had issues with ankle swelling and difficulty putting on socks.

His goal was to get back to walking without a limp or a stick and be back to full normal activities.

Pranab’s treatment at TriBeCa consisted of a progressive exercise program to strengthen his hip muscles, and some soft tissue work over the operation scar to improve scar mobility. He also needed some gentle joint mobilizations to help achieve sufficient hip flexion to put on socks comfortably. He was advised on the management of the ankle swelling. Post attending 4 sessions in total, Pranab was back to full normal function with reduced swelling of his left ankle and was able to complete a two-hour walk with no ill effects.

Post-orthopedic surgery, exercise progression is a mandate to fully regain one’s flexibility, strength, and function. The quickest, safest, and easiest way to return to your prior level of physical function and day-to-day activities is by consulting a physiotherapist experienced in post-operative physiotherapy.

At TriBeCa, post-operative rehabilitation and care are delivered to your doorstep. We are familiar with the treatment protocols prescribed by orthopedic surgeons and are happy to liaise with your surgeon to determine any specific requirements based on your individual surgery.

Common surgeries that require post-operative rehabilitation

  • Shoulder: shoulder reconstruction, shoulder stabilization, rotator cuff repair, acromioplasty, manipulation, capsulotomy, fracture
  • Elbow: tennis elbow release, golfers elbow release, fracture
  • Wrist & hand: carpal tunnel release, fracture, tendon repairs
  • Hip: hip replacements/resurfacing, hip labral repairs, hip arthroscopy, fracture
  • Knee: knee replacements, ACL and ligament reconstruction, arthroscopy, meniscal repairs, chondroplasty, lateral release, patella tendon transfer, fracture
  • Calf: Achilles tendon repairs, fasciotomy
  • Ankle & foot: ankle reconstruction, ligament repairs, arthroscopy, fracture, spur removal, bunionectomy
  • Spine (neck & back): discectomy, micro-discectomy, laminectomy, spinal fusion/stabilization

The success of surgery depends a lot on what happens in the post-operative stages. It is important to maximize the surgery by doing exercises that help to stabilize, mobilize and protect the area. Some examples of post-operative physiotherapy exercises are:

  • Range of motion exercise to keep joints and muscles mobile
  • Isometric strengthening exercise, ( muscle contraction without movement).
  • Transfer training; in/out of bed and onto different types of chairs
  • Walking, gait training (with assistive devices like walkers, crutches, or cane if needed, on level surfaces and stairs).

Post-operative care begins as soon as the patient returns home. At TriBeCa, we work with you to develop a tailor-made and customized post-operative rehabilitation program to ensure you make the best possible recovery in the quickest time. In some post-operative cases, there is a time period of immobilization for the affected area.  TriBeCa’s physiotherapists coordinate the home program according to the surgeon’s post-operative instructions.

The TriBeCa Care rehabilitation process is based on an initial assessment followed by a regular treatment plan for a wide range of recovery problems –post-operative care, paralysis, sports injuries, back pain, knee pain, cerebral palsy, and Parkinson’s disease.

We will guide your post-surgical rehabilitation by:

  • Hands-on individually tailored treatments
  • An exercise-based rehabilitation regime to ensure the best outcome from your procedure
  • Prescribe a home exercise program to do on your own
  • Adaptive physio equipment provisions at home, should you need them
  • One-on-one treatment sessions
  • Maintain communication with your surgeon

Our physiotherapists will be able to navigate you through all stages of your healing. We can assist in monitoring your progress, setting your goals, and providing appropriate treatment (even by creating an ‘in hospital’ ambiance) to maximize your recovery potential. We can also inform you of how best to help your own recovery and what should be avoided. All in all, we are a holistic post-operative physiotherapy solutions provider delivering our services at your doorstep.

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