Tired of Dealing with Chronic Pain? Follow These Steps

Living with chronic physical pain is not easy. Sometimes, medication helps. However, it is not always enough. It can disrupt normal life and play havoc with the mind. Worst of all, it seems to last forever. Don’t lose hope. If you suffer from chronic pain, there are some things you can do to live better with it. The first step towards this is to recognize you are in pain and treat it. There are many options for getting physiotherapy in Kolkata if you want to keep chronic pain under control.

  • Learn relaxation techniques. Meditation and deep breathing are two relaxation techniques that help the muscles relax. Once the muscles relax, pain may be elevated. As you meditate or practice deep breathing, your brain sends a signal to the muscles in your body to relax. This reduces the tension and the tautness in muscles. Learn how to manage pain with your mind.
  • Reduce stress. With age, physical pain and stress are interconnected with each other. The more stressed you are the more vulnerable you will be to all kinds of chronic pain. There are many ways to reduce stress foremost of which is listening to soothing music. Soothing music calms the mind and the nerves. The pain may not disappear but it could seem more bearable.
  • Exercise regularly. When we exercise, endorphins are released into the brain. Endorphins are chemicals that alleviate mood and block pain signals from reaching the body. Exercise also strengthens the muscles and prevents further injury. Consequently, the chances of more pain are minimized.
  • Get a massage. A good massage can release tension from the muscles and reduce your stress level. It is a soothing experience and can alleviate your pain and your mood.
  • Avoid alcohol. It can be a lot easier to manage chronic pain if you get to sleep at night. Alcohol causes sleep problems which may intensify the pain.
  • Avoid nicotine. Smoking actually hardens arteries which cause circulation problems. This can cause more pain due to a lack of circulation.
  • Join a support group. Join a support group for people living with chronic pain. Sharing your troubles with others who are dealing with the same problem may help you cope better with your situation.
  • Distract yourself. Find ways to focus on things other than pain. If you focus on it, it is all you will be thinking about and feeling. Choose to do something you are passionate about. This will keep your mind busy and not allow you to think about pain. This will not eliminate the pain but it will help you take control of your life. All this is not to say that the pain that you experience is all in your mind and if you think you are not in pain, it will go away – far from it. These are some tips to help you live a more normal life while managing the pain. There is no shame in admitting that you are in pain and getting help for it does not make you a weak person. The first step in pain management should be physiotherapyTriBeCa Care offers physiotherapy in Kolkata. For further details, visit us at Physiotherapy & Pain Management to book an appointment.

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