Personalised Home Care needed in India

Each person is different with different needs

Even for active adults, going out for shopping or meeting friends become difficult as they get older. For some, age can unfortunately have more debilitating long term effects. Some older citizens may need long term home help with feeding, bathing, exercising, toileting or performing other daily tasks.

Whatever the situation, each individual case is different. Ideally Home Care should also be personalized to take into account these differences. Each person has different habits and requirements. Whether it be food or social needs or medical conditions, each person can benefit from individualized care. However, in India personalized care is uncommon, as most home help is untrained and unprofessional.

Home Care needs to be personalized

The choice of the Home Care provider is a crucial one and should be taken seriously by families providing care to their older loved ones. The front line care worker actually spends most time every day with the older person – so if that relationship is fraught then extending care becomes a challenge. Yet, in India, little time or effort is spent in choosing the right person for the right job.

In more developed countries, where geriatric care is a more established discipline, professional Elder Care Companiesprovide complimentary assessment visits by senior community nurses to ascertain the kind of Home Care most appropriate for that particular household.

After this initial assessment, Elder Care Companies extend holistic care – drafting doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and personal care workers into the care plan as needed. Home Care, as indeed care in a hospital, is a team effort. It takes a trained, multidisciplinary support team to ensure the right preventive care package is delivered with minimal fuss and maximum results.

Changing landscape of Home Care in India

In India, professional companies are now entering the Home Care space. They may be slightly more expensive than local agencies, but provide significantly better service and support. These companies have invested significant time and money into developing trained manpower, good care protocols and strong back end processes to handle complexity and individual care.

Eastern India’s largest Home Care Company, TriBeCa Care ( provides Medical, Non-Medical & Emergency Care for mostly older citizens. TriBeCa Care also arranges for doctors, nurses, bedside attendants, physiotherapists, Dementia counsellors, medical supplies and medicines – making it easier for families to manage end-to-end care at home.

What kind of services does a Professional Elder Care Company provide?

They not only provide for basic personal care needs – feeding, toileting, exercising & bathing – but also for intensive medical care at home. Medical care is provided by trained nurses and therapists who coordinate with the patients’ doctors to deliver care as per the individual’s recovery needs.

The best Elder Companies also extend value added services.  Attached is a list of value-added services that professional Elder Care Companies can provide:

  1. Home based Wellness Programmes
  2. Advice on home adaptations and equipment
  3. Specialised Home Care (e.g. Palliative Care; Dementia Care)
  4. Dietary advice
  5. Help in Continence management
  6. Medication management
  7. Emotional Health & Companionship
  8. Speech Therapy and Music Therapy
  9. Personal Activities Programme
  10. Technology Training for seniors (e-mail; Skype etc)

Ultimately, each person, however old, needs to be viewed as an individual with their own likes, dislikes and habits. As India ages and becomes more nuclear, it is important that older citizens are taken care of with compassion, dignity and understanding.
Personalized Home Care Services providing is a critical step in that right direction.

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