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Priyanka asked 11 months ago

I am a 37 yr old female with a consistent back pain problem. Back pain started a few months after I had a normal delivery (7.5 yrs back) and I assume it could be because of my sleeping posture when I was carrying. The only position I felt comfortable was on my back. I used to get stiff back when I got up from sleep. I started going to the gym 4 yrs back and the stiffness after getting up has eased now. However, my work requires me to sit in front of the laptop for long hours and I still feel uncomfortable sitting for long hours. I get a pain in my upper back and shoulders. I try to get up every hour and stretch, but that doesn\’t help much.
Pls advise. 

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Swarnali Roy answered 11 months ago

No, it’s not because of your sleeping posture. It is due to your core muscles weakness which will develop after a normal delivery. We have set a rehab prog for you that will be muscles strengthening exercises and pain management. We can assure you the management to get rid of the pain.Regards

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