Rabindra Jayanti Celebration by Seniors in Kolkata

Rabindra Jayanti

On the 158th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Thakur on 9th May 2019, the senior members of the TriBeCa family held a gathering. A gathering that has special sentiments attached to it. An evening where they sang the popular songs penned down by India’s first Nobel Laureate. For Bengalis, especially elderly, this day is a thread to their culture, their childhood and their memories.

The “Rabindra Jayanti Utsav” organised at one of our member, Shyam Sundar’s home at Peerless Nagar Abadan, Sodepur, welcomed several seniors across Kolkata. The beauty of these gatherings is such that they bind the unknowns in a special bond of culture and empathy.

Our senior members excited with the whole idea of this gathering, practiced their performance well in advance. Some of them performed Rabindra Sangeet, while some recited the poems of Gurudev.

The beautiful evening made the seniors forget their ill health, their stress, their pain, and their worries. The time spent not only uplifted the moods of the seniors but they are looking forward to more such events. Events where they can enjoy themselves, celebrate life and cherish old memories.

Our Care Managers did praise worthy job of helping the elderly members by escorting them to their homes at nights and making sure, they have reached their home safely. “Their children live far away, but they trust us and wants us to look after their parents’ well-being in every way possible,” says Rajesh Satpati, TriBeca Care Manager. “So it’s our responsibility to ensure their safety and good health,” added Rajesh.

At TriBeCa, we ensure the well-being of seniors in terms of not only physical health but also mental health. Their happiness, entertainment and socialization is also our priority. TriBeCa Care services are designed to bring them the peace of mind. We provide much more than just medicines or ambulances for the elderly. We provide dignity, companionship and expertise.

For more information, call us at: 03340277777 / 8017770323 or email us at: enquiry@tribecacare.com.
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