Surprising fact: senior citizens happy in lockdown

Lockdown Update

We know children are happy in lockdown but senior citizens too? – this came as a surprise to us as we chatted with our members during our regular calls. Here are three of the stories we got to hear.

Happy in lockdown #1

Lockdown Update

My mother lives with my brother and his family and I keep in touch with her through telephone calls. I try to call her once a week, but sometimes I only manage once in two weeks, that too for no longer than five to 10 minutes. With the lockdown, I have more time on my hands, and the chance to revive the mother-daughter heart-to-heart. Surprisingly though, my mother cannot spare more than a few minutes for me now.

Take, for example, the other day, when I made myself comfortable on the sofa, phone in one hand and coffee in the other, ready for a longish chit chat. But within five minutes, mom said, “I have to go; the serial is about to start.” I was kind of shocked. My mother was never big on TV serials. But now, the family has taken to watching TV serials together, and she loves that family time. Okay, I console myself; let me not grudge her that.

Happy in lockdown #2

Lockdown Update

Usually, I spend my time reading the newspaper, taking walks in the neighborhood park, and watching cricket on TV – all by myself. For the past few weeks, my 8-year old granddaughter isn’t leaving me alone. Last week, I taught her how to play chess, and I must admit, she’s getting good at it – so good that she defeated me this morning!

We also walk around the compound together, when she tells me about her friends and teachers at school. I have started watching her favorite cartoon shows. To appease her parents, I also help her with his studies for an hour in the morning and evening.

I am not looking forward to the day this lockdown will be over and my granddaughter will be busy again – with her school, tutions, guitar classes, and her friends. I will be lonely.

Happy in lockdown #3

lockdown update

Our daughter, who lives abroad, calls us once a week – usually Saturday evening or Sunday morning. My husband and I have nothing better to look forward to all week. Of late, the calls have become more frequent and it’s not only our daughter but also our son-in-law and grandchildren who talk to us.

In fact, we’ve started having video calls – my husband and I can actually see their smiling faces and antics! My granddaughter called me on the land phone one day and guided me step-by-step through making video calls using my smartphone. The next day I forgot how to do it, but she helped me again. Now I’m teaching my husband how to make and receive video calls. He’s a slow learner, I tell you!

When the world is concerned about keeping the senior citizens indoors and safe, these people seem quite content and happy in lockdown. The only real concern is the possibility of a flare-up of existing medical conditions. But for that, there’s Tribeca Care.

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