Let the Relaxation Begin: Senior Workshops in Town

Painting Workshops for Seniors

As the old saying goes by, ‘your age is just a number,’ we prefer to keep it the same way. We believe that your age has no part to play in forbidding you to do the stuffs you enjoy. This is why Club TriBeCa is going to organize a senior workshop in Kolkata. The workshop is going to be all about liberating yourself from the chains of old age.

The entire workshop will solely focus on elevating your mental health, mitigating loneliness, and encouraging towards leaving a healthy lifestyle. We believe that you are still young at heart and deserve to enjoy the things you once did in your early twenties. With a huge opportunity for social engagement and a great convenience to participate in several events and chat sessions, you are going to enjoy every single minute of the workshop.

After the successful completion of the workshop, it is our guarantee that it will bring forth well-being in your life. You see, this senior workshop is a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain control over your life. Always remember, age should never act as a constraint . If you are still alive, that means you still have a long journey ahead . So, don’t give up on yourself and get ready to explore yourself as well as the world.

Some of our workshops that you can enroll yourself in, to enjoy the true essence of life include,

That is why, Club TriBeCa heartily welcomes you to join the workshop, which you won’t be regretting ever again — looking forward to meeting you at the workshop so that you can start to live again.


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