Seniors Living Alone: Consequences – A Cause of Concern

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The concept of family in urban India is being redefined with globalization. Three in five Indian households are now nuclear.  Among a lot of families at least one member lives in a different state or country. This often causes a disturbing impact on the minds of the elderly parents. It is often noted that the mental health of the elderly living in joint families is better than the mental health of those living in nuclear families. For instance, in joint families the elderly live amongst other family members and are less subject to health issues related to loneliness. One key factor that can be attributed to the poor mental health of elderly people living in nuclear families is loss of parental role. The impact of this loss on seniors is often unrecognized, underestimated and not discussed.


Regardless of the causes of senior isolation, the consequences can be alarming. Even perceived social isolation – the feeling of loneliness is a struggle for many. To add to this, there are a lot of physical changes that occur during aging and changes are in the direction of deterioration. Loneliness and infrequent contact with friends and family can have an adverse effect on the health and ultimately life span of seniors.

Also for seniors citizens living alone keeping track of their physical symptoms, mental health is of critical importance. Besides being vulnerable to instances of senior abuse, there is also the danger of increased risk of death mostly due the absence of prompt medical attention.

It is proven that loneliness among seniors living alone put them at a risk of high blood pressure. Studies have also revealed that loneliness also has a tendency to spread from person to person, due to negative social interactions and other factors. In other words, when one person is lonely, that loneliness is more likely to spread to his or her friends or contacts.

Caring for your loved one with TriBeCa

Taking steps to make your elderly loved one less lonely could not only help them live longer, it may make their eventual passing a bit easier. However, helping seniors deal with their loneliness can be a challenging task. Being a family caregiver is an enormous responsibility, whether you are caring for a parent, spouse, or other relative. How you can help a lonely aged loved one?  While staying in a familiar home and community has a beneficial impact over all round well- being of seniors, researches indicate that a growing number of seniors who should be living with assistance and care are living on their own.  If we want our loved ones to remain safe and healthy, it’s important to make sure their environment is appropriate for their physical and emotional needs.

In times such as this, professional senior care providers can really go a long way in helping you care for your loved one. Tribeca Care specializes in dealing with emergency care for senior citizens the problems of depression, loneliness and dementia in senior citizens. Aimed at providing outstanding professional health and home care for seniors, Tribeca Care offers special Elder Care in India packages that are designed to take care of every need of your loved one.  Dignity, compassion, companionship and peace of mind- guaranteed with Tribeca Care.

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