10 Simple Exercises to Prevent Pain with Ageing

exercise to prevent pain with ageing

People start experiencing excruciating body pain with ageing. The severity of the pain increases after 50 years as the internal body organs become weak and lose its actual density. They experience pain mainly at the joints, lower back, knee, and shoulder.

Given below 10 exercises that are helpful for such elderly people:

1. Leg extensions

This exercise refers to the extension and stretching of the hip for reducing the severity of the hip and lower back muscles. If you are experiencing the loose leg muscles and pelvis, then it is the best choice for you.

leg extension

2. Sit back

This is a back exercise that effectively alleviates the back pain. It firms the abdominal muscles and increases your capability to get up from the bed and chair with ease.

sit back

3. Hip flexion

As after 50 years, the lower back portion of the human body gets stiffer causing unbearable pain, hip flexion is an ideal exercise for it. It promotes flexibility and mobility and assists you in performing various household chores.

Hip flexion

4. Cat camel

This exercise represents the stretching of the hip muscles. It works instantly for healing the back pain, which is caused by sore and tired backs due to walking for long hours.

Cat camel

5. Shoulder rolls

Shoulder roll is a great exercise to get relief from the pain of frozen shoulder. It stabilizes the shoulder blades and assists you in heavier lifting. The mobility of the shoulder is also improvised by it.

Shoulder roll

6. Upright rows

This exercise promotes the mobility of both elbow and shoulder joints. It has the capability to raise the strength of both lower and upper arms. It makes you able to perform all the daily activities easily and pain-free.

upright rows

7. Overhead press

This exercise improvises the shoulder joint mobility and stabilizes the back muscles. Hence, you won’t experience that intolerable pain anymore.

Overhead press

8. Leg lifts

Sometimes, the stress developed around the knees causing excruciating pain. Lifting the legs straightly above 1 foot from the ground effectively eliminates the stress along with the pain.

Leg lifts

9. Walking

Walking at a constant pace and speed can help in improving the nervous system. As it is a cardiovascular exercise, it works instantly on knees reduces its stress and provides you relief from pain. Walking at a constant pace and speed can help in improving the nervous system. Maintaining neural health is vital as it can affect the body severely causing excruciating pain in different body parts.


10. Back leg rise

Strolling is another exercise that retains the tightening of the muscles. As a result, you will not feel any muscle pain from accidental sprain or strain.

Back leg rise

So do not waste your time and include these exercises in your daily routine. Start exercising from today so that you can stay healthy, fit and pain-free.

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