What is CPAP?

In India, there is relatively little understanding of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) and Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea affects many of us without our knowledge – and the worrying reality is that unless treated it can cause serious debilitating long-term effects from high blood pressure to potential cardiac problems.

Sleep Apnea results in pauses during breathing during a sleep cycle. As a result, not enough air reaches your lungs. It is a common but unfortunately not often diagnosed problem.

While loud snoring could be an indication of underlying Sleep Apnea, not all snoring is due to Sleep Apnea. In Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), your airway collapses or is blocked during sleep. When you try to breathe, any air that squeezes past the blockage can cause loud snoring. Your snoring may even wake up other people in the house.

It is best to undergo a Sleep Study if you are worried about any snoring or sleep disorders. It is easy to test for Sleep Apnea at your own home, through specialist services like Tribeca Care.

CPAP treatment in India.

CPAP is used for those with breathing problems such as Sleep Apnea. CPAP is a treatment that uses mild air pressure to keep the airways open. By keeping the airway open, CPAPs help in preventing Sleep Apnea symptoms.

Many users who use CPAP, claim to feel better once they begin treatment. They feel more attentive and able to concentrate at work during the day. They also report fewer complaints about snoring or sleep disorders.

CPAP treatment involves a CPAP machine. The machines have three main parts:

·         A mask that fits over your nose or your nose and mouth. Straps keep the mask in place while you’re wearing it.

·         A tube that connects the mask to the machine’s motor.

·         A motor that blows air into the tube.

Some CPAP machines have additional features such as heated humidifiers. Your doctor will instruct you about the correct machine settings to ensure the optimal air pressure for your airway. CPAP machines are typically small, lightweight, and convenient. There are many kinds of CPAP machines and masks.

You can choose from a variety of established brands and models – ResMed, Philips, Apex, or Nidek. It may take a while to get used to the machine or mask, but get advice and help from respiratory specialists like Tribeca Care.

Benefits of CPAP

·         Keeps your airway open while you sleep

·         Corrects snoring so others in your household can sleep

·         Improves your quality of sleep

·         Relieve sleep apnea symptoms, such as excessive daytime sleepiness

·         Potentially decrease high blood pressure

A Tribeca Care expert can train you on how to use the CPAP machine, how to look after it, and how to ensure it is working properly. You can also visit the Tribeca Care E-store to know more about or purchase a CPAP machine.

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