Taki Trip with Brototi Mukherji

Trip to Taki

On 12th of November, TriBeCa Care had arranged for a one night trip to Taki .The whole trip was organized keeping the comfort of the members as the top priority. They were accompanied by our Senior Travel Expert, Brototi Mukerji, & our Care Manager, Mrinmoy Sen.

Right from the very beginning of the trip, we found them super excited, and therefore it became our responsibility to retain the same excitement level throughout the trip. By 7:30 a.m. we found all our senior members at the prior mentioned meeting point. They were all handed over our exclusive travel merchandise. Right from boarding the bus, the fun had begun. Our travel experts made sure that none of them feels left out. They started recalling their past vacations, some called up their kids and some got busing taking pictures.

Once they reached Taki, we witnessed a bunch of extremely happy faces de-boarding the bus. Once they were checked into the hotel, there was enough time for them to freshen up and rest. The itinerary was kept simple yet exciting keeping their health conditions in mind.

Every single thing of the trip starting from food to lodging to transportation was especially curated for our senior members . They had a fun-filled day, full of activities like River Cruise, Golpatar Jungle Safari and many other exciting ones.

The evening started with a light “adda session” which led to showcasing of long worn talents of our senior members. To encourage them, our senior travel expert Mrs. Mukherji also took active part and sang a beautiful Rabindra sangeet. Our senior members were found singing and dancing to their heart’s content.

The success of the trip could be felt when while returning from Taki some of our members already wanted to know about the forthcoming trip. We hope to make many more memories together in near future.

We hope to make many more memories together in near future.

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