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A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life.” ~James Allen
Have you ever wondered what might be the reason behind gifting someone a watch, when time is no longer a matter of urgent importance? It is very correctly said that life begins after retirement. All those golden hours spent on work till the age of retirement can be rediscovered after you retire from work. The question is-How?

Most people spend the first few weeks after retirement relaxing, spending quality time with their families, going out for a meal, on a holiday to some place they always wished to but could never get their leave sanctioned, watching movies, listening to music. Then that realization sinks in when they have nothing else to do, nowhere new to go, no new restaurants to plan a dinner to. Then they suddenly feel that retirement is the “ugliest word” in the dictionary.

In all stages of life, time is the most important factor; hence, using it wisely is always advisable. Retirement in other words is freedom from stress, workload, problems and obviously urgent phone calls and meetings. It relieves from brainstorming and competition at workplace. You are then your own master, your own boss, where you decide your own schedule. Why then make the cause for celebration a cause of boredom and sadness?
For people who are yet to retire there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you retire so you are happy after you are given a farewell and have your own plans to chase.

Pre-retirement things to do:



  • Investment: Buy your own happiness. Happiness can’t be bought? Says who? A trip anywhere, a drink of your choice, a car you want to buy, does it not make you happy? Saving for future helps a lot to make your post retirement life easy. Savings is as important as your source of income. A lot of things you want to do depends on how much you can afford to spend. Not just for enjoyment, financial stability after retirement also keeps you stress-free in case of a medical emergency.
  • Plan: Book an appointment with a career coach who can always be of good help to count on your experience and show you the correct method to follow your passion and utilize your time to do something useful with your work experience. It may sound like work after retirement, but work after retirement is what you can enjoy as you have nothing to worry about; it is then just a way you spend your leisure time doing something worthwhile.
  • Debts: Before retirement the one thing you should make sure of is all mortgages are cleared. When you pay off your mortgage early, you essentially earn a return equal to your interest rate.
  • Insurance: By insuring you and your family’s health you can also assure each other’s happiness. After retirement medical expenses should not come in the way of your well-being. The responsibility of protecting your own health should never depend on anyone but you as far as expenses are concerned. Saving throughout your lifetime and insuring your health should be a part of the whole post-retirement planning.
  • Bucket List: Make a wish list for yourself. Plan your years before you retire. That way it is quicker and does not let you feel the difference in a good way as you are no longer thinking of what to do and how to do spend your leisure.


Post-retirement things to do:



  • Prioritize: All those years at office or workplace left you very little time for your family and friends. A beer once in while on a holiday, a small trip to a nearby place, a festival spent together seemed nothing in comparison to all the hours at office 5-6 days a week. After retirement, set your priorities right away. Spending quality time with friends and family doing nothing for a while will be relaxing after a long time.
  • Savings: Whether you are retired or yet to retire, saving for the later years of life is always a part of the plan. Financial planning for post retirement years can never be optional. Fulfilling your desires can only be reality when you have planned your finances well ahead.
  • Income plan: Retirement from work does not always make everyone quite happy. Especially for those who enjoy being busy with their work, retirement is never an option. Switching work place and job responsibilities can be of great help for some people after retirement too. The benefit of continuing work is not only financial but also keeps one’s body and mind active and healthy for most of the later years.
  • Maintain distance: After your lifelong duty of taking everyone’s responsibilities, it is now time to keep your children at arm’s length for some time now. It is OK to take time out for yourself.
  • Reach out: Post retirement time is the best to pursue some social activities. With years of experience you can be of help to people or organizations who are working for a social cause. This also helps to meet new people, make new friends, keep you busy in a better way and also get some mental satisfaction for yourself. There is another option to return to work by give your former colleagues a hand. There is no law that can prevent you from doing it.The determining factor irrespective of the career span and age to be happily retired is to choose your own retirement time and plan accordingly. Earning money is as important as knowing how to spend, where to spend and with whom. Whatever your job role or salary figure may be, there is always a way to spend a happy post retired life if you plan well and in advance.Have a busy retirement ahead.

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