Senior Citizens Living alone – Tips to Ensure Safety

safety for senior citizens

More and more senior citizens choose to age at home.  Spending your advancing years in the comfort of your home brings with the benefits of staying in a familiar and comfortable surroundings. For many seniors living alone is preferable to living with an adult child, or being placed in a retirement home facility. But as a senior citizen, living alone can have its pitfalls and challenges as well. It’s important for seniors aging in place to know what factors can affect them, and how to stay safe. These tips can help:

·         Know your neighbors: It’s important to get to know your neighbors as they are the ones who are the closest to rush to you aid, should you need it. It is prudent to include your neighbors on your emergency contact list.

·         Pay attention tripping hazards & slippery conditions: Stray electrical cords, rugs that don’t lay flat, low furniture, poor lighting and slippery floors are common causes of falls within the home. It’s important to ensure you take care of these.

·         Arrange for a daily check-in – Ask a loved-one, a neighbor, or friend to call each day just to make sure everything is okay with you.

·         Use a medical alert system – Medical alert systems help to get access to emergency personnel at the push of a button. All you need to do is just press a button on the medical alert bracelet to be connected with Emergency Operator who is a trained emergency care specialist.

Timely management of medical emergencies at home is crucial. Even if it is calling the ambulance at in the wee hours of the morning, or arranging for hospital admission or receiving professional Home Care in India, every such activity can be immensely challenging for a vulnerable senior.

Take the help of Tribeca care

Tribeca Care offers “Bharosa” 24/7 Helpline and Tribeca Senior Emergency Alarms, for senior citizens worried about handling emergencies or suffering a fall at home. For every senior citizen living alone, these services offer reassurance that help can be rushed in an emergency, even if the elder is no position to actually make an outgoing phone call. The personal alarm can be worn as a pendant or as a wristband to provide complete Peace of Mind at the mere push of a button. The alarm automatically calls pre-stored phone numbers – including the Bharosa 24/7 Helpline.

Tribeca Care also offers 24/7 Emergency Response, scheduled Doctor Home Calls, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Medical Device rental, and much more. By partnering with leading healthcare providers – hospitals, doctors, diagnostic clinics, psychologists and device brands – Tribeca Care brings affordable Elder Care in India for many.

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