Brototi Mukherji, the expert on Senior Travel

Brototi Mukherji is the person anyone would love to travel with. She is passionate about traveling and has toured almost the whole of India; even the world map has not remained much untouched by her. She has been to Europe, the Middle East, the USA, Canada, and South America among many places.

After working with firms like ABP Pvt. Ltd., Leo Burnette India ISD, Dubai, and many more Mrs. Mukherji wanted a shift in her career. Even after having such a hectic work schedule she never gave up on her passion for traveling.

Mrs. Mukherji has been associated with TriBeCa Care since its formative years. According to her, travel is one of the best ways to keep an individual diverted from all sorts of negativities and stress. There is not only a change of air that is required but also the mind needs to freshen up from time to time.

Being a senior citizen herself, it becomes easier for her to bond and interact with our senior members and understand their worries.

An excerpt of her interview with TriBeCa Care-

1) Why do you think seniors need to travel?

Brototi Mukherji –As a person enters his 50s he seems to feel ignored by everyone around him. That’s the phase when either you are just going to retire or you have just retired. After 30-plus years of immense work, you don’t tend to sit idle easily. That’s when you need a change of air. Travelling also keeps one healthy both mentally and physically. You meet new people, interact with them, and become less prone to falling sick due to anxiety, loneliness, or depression.

2) What according to you is necessary while traveling with the seniors?

Brototi Mukherji -Always be on time as seniors are very punctual. Their comfort should be on the top of the priority list and most importantly, maintaining hygiene is a must.

3) How did you take the initiative to start Senior Travel as a separate wing of TriBeCa Care?

Brototi Mukherji- While interacting with the elderly on an almost daily basis, what I came across was the depression and loneliness they were suffering from. Being at their homes for too long has pushed them into a state of depression. That is when we came up with the idea of taking them out on a scheduled basis. It started with short day trips to nearby places to refresh their moods.

4) From when have you been a part of TriBeCa Care? Where was your first trip with TriBeCa?

Brototi Mukherji -I have been associated with TriBeCa since 2015. It was not only my first trip with TriBeCa but also the very first trip of the organization. We took our members to Mayapur for a short day trip. I must say it was a great start. We traveled with 12 of our members who came back extremely elated with their experience.

5) How TriBeCa Care is different from other travel agencies?

Brototi Mukherji -Firstly, what people need to know about us is that TriBeCa Care is not a travel agency but India’s leading Elder Care Platform. TriBeCa provides a varied range of services for the elders starting from TriBeCa Senior Travel to TriBeCa Emergency Response. Therefore, our travel luxuries are specially designed for elders. We fully supervise our tours by our Expert Travel Advisors and go about accordingly.

6) What do you specifically check about a place before you take the senior members on a trip there?

Brototi Mukherji – I always pre-visit the place to ensure all the basic and emergency amenities are available at the place we are to take our elder members. We, at TriBeCa always try to avoid uncertainties by thoroughly inspecting the place on a prior visit. We check on the well-being of our members on an individual level. We keep them thoroughly involved in various activities. We always take down their suggestions and feedback, which serves as our guidebook for our next trip.

7) How as a Senior Care Manager and Travel Expert do you bond with the participants of the trip?

Brototi Mukherji – I as a Senior Manager always try to interact with every participant on a one-on-one level. As most of the elders take time to open up, I make sure that I win their trust and slowly delve into their minds deeper to know if there’s any latent issue. We try to avoid crisis situations to the best of our capabilities. Still, if such a situation arises, we go out of our way to pacify our elderly participants and individually manage each of them. We travel with expert Care Managers who are proficiently skilled in handling such circumstances.

8) Where did you travel for the first time and with whom?

Brototi Mukherji -I still vividly remember my first trip. I traveled with my family to Darjeeling. Everything seemed to be magical. From tasting the authentic northeastern cuisine for the very first time to seeing the mighty mountains just in front of me, everything seemed magical.

9) With whom do you like to travel the most?

 Brototi Mukherji -I  love to travel with my family and friends, but SOLO travel fascinates me the most. You meet so many new people when you travel alone, and not only that you also enjoy the freedom of doing everything, which you have wanted to do forever.

10) Where was your first abroad trip?

Brototi Mukherji -My first foreign trip was to Nepal. I still can’t get over the serenity of the places there. Pokhara and Patan happen to be my favorite ones.

11) What kind of places do you prefer to travel to more?

Brototi Mukherji -Honestly, I am tired of the hustle and bustle of the metropolitans. Travel to me is a peaceful escape from your hectic life. I prefer to travel to lesser-known places. Places that are closer to Nature.

12) Where were you working prior to joining TriBeCa Care?

Brototi Mukherji -I started my career as a media person. I have been working at various ad agencies and media houses Leo Burnett India, ISD Dubai, and ABP Pvt. Ltd. But after returning back from my Dubai trip, I wanted to quit this hectic work life and get into something peaceful. That is when I associated with TriBeCa.

13) What landed you in the profession of Senior Care Manager and Travel Expert?

Brototi Mukherji -Before joining TriBeCa, I have been working at various Ad agencies and media houses, one of the renowned ones being ABP Pvt. Ltd. But the life I had there was that of a lot of stress. I wanted to do something that would bring me so peace, something for society. That is when I got associated with TriBeCa.

14) How happy are you being a part of the TriBeCa Family?

Brototi Mukherji -I am overwhelmed to be a part of the TriBeCa Family too right from its formative years. Not only is the cause of this institution but also they try and make every experience a memorable one. No one is just a member of this organization, they are an important part of this family.

We, at TriBeCa Care, care about you, and your family. Our Elder Care is categorically structured to provide the elderly with the support that they deserve. If you have any further queries then feel free to reach us. Call us at + 913366064208 or request a callback. Email us at