Caring for the Elderly to Prevent Loneliness During the Holidays

For most of us, holidays are a time for festivities and merry-making. It is a time when families get together and celebrate. The festive spirit pervades the air. However, for older people or senior citizens, the holidays can be a particularly trying time. As age catches up with people, their mobility gets compromised. Their family and friend circles become smaller and smaller due to loss. As it is, it gets difficult to keep the spirits up. What with the holiday season, all the festivities only remind them of what used to be and what can no longer be. For caregivers of the elderly, it becomes especially difficult to juggle holiday plans and caring for their elderly loved ones. Elder Care at home needs to be stepped up during the holiday season.

Getting a Caring Caregiver is a blessing. The best thing you can do for the senior in your care is sitting and listen. Actually, listen to them. Allow them to talk about their feelings. Ask them why they feel lonely with all the festivities. They may say something that will give you a clue about how to care for them during the holidays. If nothing else, they’ll be able to speak their heart out and know that you are there to listen to them. They will not feel neglected. Take out at least 30 minutes to do this whenever you can, as the holiday season approaches.

The next best thing is to include them in your holiday plans. If they cannot move out and meet people, ensure people come round to meet them. Get the family together at their place of residence and have everyone greet them and talk to them. This, at any age, is an uplifting experience.

Cook a meal for them. Better still, share it with them. Sharing a home-cooked meal with you could be the thing that they have been waiting for. Spend a few hours eating and talking. This will tell them that you still care.
To make their home feel more welcoming, spruce it up. Decorate it. Buy some new throws and rugs for the bed and the sofa. Make it colorful. It will set the mood for the holidays and your elderly loved one will feel wanted.Find out more information on managing care for your elderly parents.

When you can’t be with them, talk to them on the phone. Lack of contact with friends and family is a big reason for loneliness. Maintain regular contact. This will tell your elder that you may not be able to be with them physically but that doesn’t mean that you are not thinking about them.

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