Kolkata Bhraman with Club Members

You have successfully led your life and executed all your family and job responsibilities with honor and pride. But, in the process, you might have sacrificed your own dreams to fulfill the wishes of near and dear ones. The best way to face the challenge of isolation is to be in the company of like-minded people to enjoy the remaining part of life and fulfill your dreams. No place could be better than Kolkata, truly a “City of Joy”, to tour with senior club members.

If you are worried about planning, arranging, and managing the Kolkata Bhraman tour then join the TriBeCa Club to explore the city and enjoy the sojourn with club partners. The tours are specifically designed to make it senior-friendly. You will get all possible assistance and support from transportation, food, hotels, and tour guides. Above all, you get everything at a very reasonable rate.

Kolkata Bhraman: Experience the Joy

Kolkata, the ‘Cultural Capital of India’, located along the banks of the holy river Ganga offers your perfect blend of rich history, vibrant Bengali culture, delicious cuisines, and above all the solace of divinity and nature. Although the city welcomes senior travelers all the year, October to March is the best time to explore the city.

Club TriBeCa organizes Kolkata Bhraman for senior members. Senior club members explored the City of Joy on Sunday, December 8. The journey with like-minded, assisted by two care managers, began early in the morning (9 am) from the Ramesh Mitra Mitra Road, Bhowanipur. Passing through the narrow lanes of the classical city the deluxe bus gained momentum to reach the Victoria Memorial. All members enjoyed the architectural brilliance of this marble building, which is now a museum.

Since the idea of the Kolkata Bhraman is to make the journey simple and easy for senior club members, the next stop was the iconic National Museum. TriBeCa Club members explored all six sections comprising 35 galleries of scientific and cultural artifacts. After a hot cup of Darjeeling Tea, the bus started moving towards the next destination—St. Paul’s Church, is known for its Gothic architecture. Leaving the calm and tranquil atmosphere of the church behind, the bus moved towards the home of Mother Teresa, near Rippon Street. The epitome of love and compassion was laid to rest in a tomb inside the house.

On the last leg of the Kolkata Bhraman, the bus reached the Marbel Palace—built in Neoclassical style with Corinthian columns and bas reliefs in 1935 by a wealthy merchant. One could feel the pain of departure as the sun started kissing the horizon.

The idea was to keep the tour simple for seniors, so the bus avoided crowded marketplaces. All Club TriBeCa members were thoroughly briefed about pre-travel advisory and assisted by experienced care managers. One common expression visible on every face was the sense of fulfillment. This is what the city is all about, i.e. fulfillment!

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