Mandarmani: A Senior Traveller’s Diary

When they say that life starts only after 50, they are right, but have they thought why Senior Travel? Because you are free from all the responsibilities and stress of life, how do you start enjoying yourself? TriBeCa’s trip with the senior buddies proves that second innings are the joyous ones.

We all decided to go to Mandarmani, which is a very popular seaside resort village in West Bengal. It is located close to the well-known Shankarpur, Tajpur, and Digha beach villages and is about 180 km from the city of Kolkata. It is one of the most traveled weekend destinations in West Bengal.

The Mandarmani beach is especially known for the red crabs that crawl over its 13km long shoreline. It is arguably the longest drivable beach in India.

Why Mandarmani?

Since TriBeCa was looking to organize a trip for senior citizens, they had to make sure the traveling time was not too much for all the members. Mandarmani, being only about 5 hours away from Kolkata by road, looked like an appropriate destination.
Although not in the itinerary, only the visit to Digha beach village involved some travel. Since it is only 30 km from Mandarmani, it was a convenient journey to and from Digha beach.

Our place of stay

We stayed at the Mandarmani village for 3 days and 2 nights. We, all guests, were allotted beautiful cottages with thatched roofs. These cottages were at a walkable distance from the beach, making it easily accessible.
Evening programs were organized on both the evenings we spent there. We all enjoyed and sang songs one after the other. We also played a game of passing the parcel. Some of our beautiful elderly ladies danced with great enthusiasm.

Mandarmani Beach

Unlike most famous beaches in the country, not many people were present at Mandarmani beach.
However, there was a lot here for senior citizens, too.

There are numerous local shops on the beach, letting us have some retail therapy. Some of us bought handmade trinkets to take home as souvenirs of this memorable trip. The prices were quite reasonable.
While the sunrises at here are a sight to behold, the weather at the beach is very pleasant in the evenings.

It’s about food after all…!

As far as food is concerned, fresh fishes and crabs are abundantly available here, thanks to the fishing activities at the beach. However, these fishes are available for consumption only in local eateries as hotels and resorts deem them too modest to be on their menu. Food in established hotels is on the costlier side as most of the raw material used is brought from the distant Contai market.

The health-conscious ones among us had coconut water being sold by the local farmers. Some of us enjoyed some beer with fried fish in huts near the beach. Since a government-licensed opened up here, the cost of alcohol has gone down. And I must thank the TriBeCa team for arranging the trip with such compassion and care.

Travelling gives you wings to fly…

Not too far from the city of Kolkata, Mandarmani has a lot to offer everyone. The natural scenic beauty around the beaches stands out. Accommodation available at a walkable distance from the beach was a big plus. And when such trips are managed by trained care managers, beautiful memories like these are created. These memories will stay with us all our lives.

Adequate scope for shopping and treating your palate is always welcome. It is a quaint place where you will find calm beachside, rustic vibes, and a low-key environment perfect to enjoy the company of your family and friends.

Undoubtedly, our trip to Mandarmani was a fantastic holiday, where our elderly tribe made countless memories and clicked enormous pictures!

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