New Bonds, New Life

TriBeCa is proud to announce their get-together parties, which are conducted for the senior groups. The story of two individuals meeting at such a party and creating a great bond is sure to win your heart.

Mrs. Dutta and Mrs. Chatterjee met each other at a Chai Adda, which was organized by TriBeCa in Ekdalia Road Cafe. It all started out with sitting next to each other, and after a few exchanges, they showed a liking for each other. Their friendship became even deeper when they traveled to Mandarmani together, another great recreational activity, a senior-friendly tour that was organized by TriBeCa.

After spending three days and two nights together, both of them have become just like a duo of teenage girls. With such an inseparable bonding, Mrs. Dutta is adamant about not traveling with anyone else. While visiting each other’s houses several times, they also have regular contact with each other on WhatsApp. Such a friendship is always hard to find, and this is one of the many success stories from the senior activities that have been conducted by TriBeCa.

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