New Year Picnic with Seniors

New Year Picnic with Senior Members

TriBeCa Care Care organizes a Fun-Filled River Picnic Like Never Before

TriBeCa Care is playing a vital role in taking care of the most important sector of our society. It is one-stop home care for many who feel living with same-age people matters when you are above a certain age.

In this blog, we will tell you about an amazing picnic hosted by TriBeCa Care. The date was 13th January 2020 and TriBeCa Care is elated to start their get-together for senior groups.

It was a bright Monday morning in Kolkata and 50 senior people gathered to go for an outing in the winter month of January. They were all highly excited to be a part of the event and have been waiting for this day for a long time. Everyone gathered by 12 PM at Babughat, Kolkata. They all boarded the boat which was fixed to move them from Babughat to Belur Math. Well, after the journey started, everyone settled themselves on the arrangements made by TriBeCa Care inside the boat, better to call it a ferry.

The hall had chairs and tables arranged in such a way that the area in the middle was empty for people to dance and be merry. January is a month for picnics and these oldies look great when they get the opportunity to open up and live as they want.

At first, they were offered welcome drinks and snacks. From then on, they started singing and dancing to their own joy. There was music playing on the ferry, it helped them to make some twists. The songs played belong to the era of the 80s that helped rejuvenate the senior’s hearts and minds. Everyone seemed to have received innate energy within them. It feels good when people appreciate your efforts and give their whole and sole to making an event a success.

Testimonials by many picnic goers have empowered us to conduct more such programs for them. Moreover, many people live abroad and upon recognizing the organization cannot refrain to be a part of it. Some of them have been invited, some already know about it and many come from referrals.

It’s time to become a TriBeCa Care member and get to relive your old memories and meet great people on board. We, at TriBeCa Care, care about you, and your family. Our Elder Care is categorically structured to provide the elderly with the support that they deserve. If you have any further queries then feel free to reach us. Call us at + 913366064208 or request a callback. Email us at