Nimpith Trip with Peace Members

How many times have we heard others say that travel opens up your heart, broadens your mind, and fills your life with stories to tell? But how often do we turn a deaf ear to this and forget how liberating travel can be for the soul? More often than not, just like we feed the body with food for nourishment, travel is the food for the soul.

But we put the wanderlust feeling within us on the back burner and move on with our life. After a certain age, although we know that a new adventure is seeking us, we feel that our age has caught up with us.

The senior citizens at Peace Old Age Home proved that age is just a number even when it comes to travel. TriBeCa Care organized a fun-filled trip to Nimpith with Peace Old Age Home members.

Nimpith is a small town, full of tranquillity that’s just a 2-hour 16 mins drive from the city of Kolkata. One can either take a local train from Sealdah station or New Garia Station to JaynagarMajilpur Station on the Lakshmikantapur line.

When this trip was announced, the excitement amongst the senior citizens was unmatched. On 17th January 2020, we took a bus to Nimpith. The bus ride to Nimpith was filled with exciting and hilarious stories as well as some Antakshari (because how can a bus ride be complete without some songs to keep everyone entertained). The bus ride with the 22 senior citizens went off smoothly and we finally reached our destination. The 22 senior citizen members were accompanied by a TriBeCa Care Manager, who had prior experience in managing the elderly on such trips and can efficiently and effectively take care of all their needs.


We headed towards Sri Ramakrishna Temple at Nimpiththat’s one of the prime attractions at Nimpith. Our senior citizens loved the whole experience of being there and surrounded by the quiet charm that the place exuded, and for lunch, they had a delicious meal.

When asked about the experience, one of the senior citizens mentioned that “all our lives, we’ve focused on our jobs that fill our pockets with money. But nothing beats the experience of traveling and setting off on another adventure, which satisfies our soul. Nimpith was one such wonderful experience.”

Another senior citizen claimed that “Nimpith has its own charm and tranquillity that made me fall in love with this place. I feel age is just secondary when you have the excitement and josh of a teenager when you hear the word ‘travel’”.

TriBeCa Care and Peace Old Age Home’s efforts bore fruit as our short trip to Nimpith proved to be a success. As soon as we announced this trip, the sheer excitement amongst the senior citizens was reason enough to plan the trip forward. We look forward to hosting more such adventures that rattle them and excite our senior citizens, as well as bring out the child in them.

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