The best New Year’s Resolution you can take for your Parents

Still, stuck in 2019? Well, it’s time to move on because 2020 is here. Can you believe that it’s already time to bid adieu to a wonderful decade? Although the year has come to an end, your celebrations don’t need to. And what better way to pay tribute to this decade and keep the celebrations going, than in the company of your parents. As you may already be aware—New Year calls for great New Year resolutions, because hey, what’s a New Year without resolutions? But unlike many others, the new resolutions that we’re suggesting here are something that you can keep up to and something that your parents are bound to love.

Video calling your parents: When you’re away from home, remember that you’re away from your parents too. And they miss you as much as you miss them, or even more. Unlike other casual days, festivals and celebrations are always fun when you have your family with you. So this New Year, take a resolution of video calling your parents on Christmas and New Year and watch that million-dollar smile on their face that lights up the whole room.

Surprises that would leave them surprised: Who doesn’t like surprises? Especially at a time like New Year’s. You can always surprise your parents—in a small or big way—and they’ll definitely love it. One of the biggest and most unforgettable surprises you can gift your parents is by being with them on New Year’s. If not, then you can surprise them by sending them beautiful flowers with a letter that expresses what you feel and how much you miss them.

Events that you’ll always reminisce about: Club TriBeCa has wonderful events lined up, which will ensure that your parents end 2019 on a grand note and welcome 2020 with a lot of cheer and excitement galore. Ring in the Christmas cheer by attending our Christmas Celebrations, where there’s going to be fun, laughter, and a whole lot of merriment. Or welcome the New Year with TriBeCa’s New Year Party. For all the bibliophiles, nothing gets better than attending our New Year Book Club Fete.

Make their 2020 all about travel: The happiest people are the ones that travel—and it stands true for your elderly parents too. Club TriBeCa is here to make 2020 exciting for senior citizens. From the majestic backwaters of Kerala, the dense Sundarbans, idyllic Sri Lanka, and Puri, the magnificent ghats of Benaras to the scenic beauty that is Himachal Pradesh, and more—the senior travel organized by Club TriBeCa is definitely going to make their new year a memorable one.

So this New Year’s, make your resolution stick and ensure that you make 2020 a wonderful and memorable one for your parents. On behalf of everyone at Club TriBeCa, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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