Why is Travelling Fun After 50?

Travelling can be real fun after 50. It is never too late to take the plunge and do it. Sometimes you need you throw caution to the wind and take a leap as travel is all about getting out of your comfort zone.

Sometimes, we just need a break from our mundane lives. When you are 50, you belong to the sandwich generation. You might be taking care of an ailing parent or grandchildren even. As such, you hardly get time for yourself. Hence travelling is a great idea. When children are younger, parents usually travel according to their recommendations. Therefore, now is the time when one can explore new geographic locations and travel to their heart’s content. Besides, travelling has proved to be the perfect anecdote time and again for many ailments. It is rightly said that a vacation, some fresh air, a new culture and a change in environment will more often than not, do you a world of good.

I will list below a few reasons why it is more fun travelling when you are 50:

1. Your children are all grown up and are capable of fending for themselves by now. Hence, you have lesser responsibility and can be more carefree. You can travel solo, as a couple or even in groups without worrying about anything.

2. You are more financially secure, now more than ever. Therefore, you can afford more comfort than you could in your 20’s maybe. You can therefore choose to hire a car instead of travelling on a bus or taking long walks.

3. Travelling can uplift your mood, release your stress and anxiety and promote good mental health. A healthy mind can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Many of the elderly are perplexed about travelling post their 50’s. Many are anxious about trekking along the hills or getting into the water even sometimes. Some worry about breathlessness, others about falling gravely ill. These are usually temporary issues and can be resolved easily with the help of proper medication. Even so, it is advisable to get travel insurance before embarking on a long journey.

When you have the zest for travelling, age is not a bar. Those who travel, always stay young at heart. Even at 50 or 60, you can learn a new culture, meet new people, share stories and have the best time of your lives. So what are you waiting for? Get on that flight today and live your dream to travel the globe, because the world is indeed your oyster!