Winter Picnic Dec 2022 in Rajpur

TriBeCa Care organized a Fun-Filled Winter Picnic at Shantiniketan Picnic spot in Rajpur.

TriBeCa Care is playing a vital role in taking care of the most important sector of our society. It is a one-stop platform for many who feel living with same-age people matters when you are above a certain age.

Tribeca Care has arranged a year-end Winter Picnic on 21st December 2022 with almost 80 senior members to Shantiniketan Picnic spot in Rajpur, Kolkata. They were all highly excited to be a part of the event and have been waiting for this day for a long time. The whole trip was organized keeping the comfort of the members as the top priority. They were accompanied by our Senior Care Experts, our Care Managers, and Care Coordinators.

Right from the beginning of the trip, they were super excited, and therefore it became our responsibility to retain the same excitement level throughout the trip. All our members gathered at their respective pickup points by 8:00 a.m. Right from boarding the bus, the fun had begun. Some of the members started sharing anecdotes of their past vacations, some called up their kids and some got busing taking pictures.

We reached the picnic spot by 9:30 AM. The picnic area was well arranged with chairs and tables leaving the area in the middle empty for people to dance and be merry. December – January is a month for picnics and these oldies look great when they get the opportunity to open up and live as they want.

The members were welcomed with drinks and snacks. From then on, they started singing and dancing to their own joy. There was music playing, it helped them to make some twists. Everyone seemed to have received innate energy within them. It feels good when people appreciate your efforts and give their whole soul to making an event a success.

The success of the trip could be felt while returning, as they already wanted to know about the forthcoming trips. We hope to make many more memories together in near future.

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