Craze of Football among Elderly

Kolkata can be undoubtedly called the bastion of football in India. The exceptional love for the sport has been handed down to the city by the colonial rulers. But with time the sport became a means through which the Bengalis started expressing the nationalistic fervour.


Fast forwards to some years, football as we all know has played a key role in matters of the intellect too. Such is the craze of the sport, that the elderly population also tunes in to catch a glimpse of the game.


Let us now see how the sport has turned into a favourite pastime for older adults.




Well, to break it down to you West Bengal’s obsession with football is hardly a secret now. The overall population of football lovers can be easily bifurcated into two parts. People who love the Mohun Bagan team and the other group are the supporters of the East Bengal team.


Also, the sport is not limited to the field only. Every time a football tournament airs on the screen people of Bengal decorate the streets and houses to shower support. With all these points above, one can truly say that the craze of football resides in the heart of the Bengalis.




Kolkata had indeed picked up the game since the colonial era, but the love for the sport transcends age barriers. Today you can even see the elderly population discussing football in much enthusiasm as the younger generation.


Irrespective of which team is playing, the older adults just need a reason to get into a lengthy discussion on the game. So, at the time when the world stands divided on the European Super League, how can Kolkatans shy away.


The people of Kolkata have always taken pride in stating the football is in their blood. While most of the younger population play the sport for staying fit, the older generation has their views. Football for seniors is more like a social connection.


The elderly population across the state feels relieved just by taking part in the discussion. And while it sure opens doors for bonding, it also gives them the power to interact and make new friends. Also, when it comes to the mental-health front, football improves the psychological well-being of seniors too.


Indeed, the craze of football among the people of Kolkata surely remains undisturbed. And with the start of the European Super League, the older adults can have prolonged discussions on the sport with their peers. All this together states that football will continue to inspire the elder generations of Kolkatans profoundly.


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