Gear up for fun: It’s Puja time!

Durga puja is here and this means a lot for us Indians, especially Bengalis. Every year during this time, festivities start taking shape and a different fragrance covers up the streets of Kolkata. However, this present fiscal will see no such fervour.

There are thousands of people who await the arrival of Goddess Shakti with pomp and glory. This year too there will be pandals and pushpanjali, music and food but, there will also be safety measures for visitors and worshippers and of course, prayers to the Goddess to end the Corona menace.

The Calcutta High Court announced that directives similar to last year would be in place this time too because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

What the court had ordered last year will be implemented this year, too:

  •  No visitor will be allowed inside a pandal
  •  Areas within 10m of a big pandal and 5m of a small pandal to be barricaded and demarcated as a no-entry zone
  • Only 25 people — members of the respective puja committees — will be allowed inside big pandals. Only 15 such people will be allowed in smaller pandals

In addition to the court-ordered norms, the state government had imposed several other restrictions last year.

Spacious pandals: The government had asked the organisers to make spacious and open pandals. There should be enough space for physical distancing.
Inauguration: Puja committees are advised to keep the inauguration low-key and opt for the online inauguration, if possible.
Sindoor Khela: The Vijaya Dashami ritual is not allowed to prevent the possible spread of infection.
Pushpanjali: The government had announced that people who would offer pushpanjali should bring flowers to avoid chances of infection by sharing flowers. Too much crowding during pushpanjali is not allowed and staggered timings were followed to reduce crowding.
Cultural programme: The organisers are asked to avoid holding cultural events outside pandals or along roads to prevent gathering.
Immersion: Immersion processions are not allowed. The organisers had to declare the date, time and place of immersion along with the number of vehicles and people who would accompany the idols.
Sanitisers, masks: The organisers should distribute masks and keep hand sanitisers near pandals.
Pandal-hopping: There was no bar last year. This time, the government has withdrawn the night curfew restrictions from October 10 to 20, a period that coincides with the Puja. People can visit pandals but only from a distance. The suspension of the night curfew will also mean that the puja crowd will be spaced out across the day and night.

Source: Telegraph India


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Durga Puja is the pride of West Bengal. The glittering decor and puja vibes are all set to engulf you. Thus, to make sure you do not miss the grandeur, digital celebrations are the best way to welcome the divine goddesses into your homes.