How the Murder of an Elderly Widow has Raised Safety Concerns for Seniors??

Improved standard of living, awareness, and above all better healthcare needs have made the older adults enjoy their life easily. However, one thing that cannot be discounted is the safety of the frail elderly.

Most of the time it is seen that people we seem to trust the most betray us with our motives. This same thing happened with an elderly who resided at Bangur Avenue.

The Tragic Case of Dipa Mukherjee

Mrs Mukherjee, an elderly widow in the age bracket of 62 years has been found dead in her home on July 21st. Her dead body has been discovered with a towel wrapped around her neck. The prime suspect in the murder is her domestic help who has been missing ever since.

Police who inspected the case has given clear indications that it is murder for gain. Not only that, even the cupboards in her house have been ransacked and jewellery along with mobile phone is missing.

Another source also revealed that the elderly woman had not submitted any details of her house help to the police station. Although post mortem report is yet to confirm if the death was homicidal or not, this case has raised awareness issues.

Despite several campaigns, the majority of the elders do not provide the details of their help at the police station. This becomes a major catalyst for criminals as they can easily get away with an illegal act.

How Tribeca Care Can Help Seniors in This Forefront?

Tribeca Care as an organization needs no introduction. The platform is well-known for its services related to eldercare and management. What makes the organization different is its array of facilities that seniors can easily avail of.

Tribeca Care also takes into account the safety of older adults in the most vigilant way.

1. Full-Time Help At Home:

Tribeca Care has a fleet of full-time workers like nurses and attendants who help the elderly with day-to-day tasks. We have a 3-step verification and training process for the caregivers before appointing them to your home. This involves background verification, physical interview and proper documentation of their photo IDs and address proofs. This reduces the risk of any such heinous crime attempts. All you get is all-day support and care during both Covid and non-Covid times.


2. Home Security:

Tribeca Care also provides home security services to the elderly. The platform aids in the installation of CCTV cameras at home, which keeps a tab on the movement of seniors. We also provide motion sensors and phones with SOS buttons for faster emergency response.


The most serious crimes are undertaken by people we trust the most. Thus, in these unprecedented times, Tribeca Care helps seniors not only stay safe but also enjoy their second innings to the fullest.


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